The house of my dream
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The house of my dream

1. The house of my dream


Home is the place where we were in a
hurry to come back. Only there we truly
feel the warmth, care and love.
Everyone wants to have home and
I also want.


The house of my dream is a
studio apartment on the top
floor of a skyscraper in New York
or London.


There will be access to an open roof
with a beautiful garden, a swimming
pool, a large sofa and coffee table. In
this place I will meet sunrises and
sunsets, look at the world and relax.


An integral part of my house is the windows. I wish that
they were wide because I like the light of day. I also want to
watch the wonderful view from the window on the night


I really like the workspace, it's
important for me so I want that my
workspace will be perfect. Only
there I can focus on my work and
do this well. On the walls will be
motivational posters which will
help me found inspiration.


Lounge is the room of
cozy atmosphere where
my family and friends
will be relax and enjoy
communication with
each other.
There will be the big soft
couches, many cushions,
TV, stereo system, many
lights and the deep-piled
carpet. This room will be
made for fun and parties.


I like sleep and I want very big luxury bed. In this room
will be many candles, books and paintings.


I want a little comfortable kitchen.
There will be modern devices
which will help me to get delicious
food because I don't like cook. Also
there will be many plants and
lamps. This'll create special
atmosphere of home.


Bathroom...mmm... is the most favorite room
on the world for me. Here I can actually relax,
enjoy the bubble water and go away from my
thoughts and problems.


Thank you for the attention
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