Original logo/animation start
Animation 3 start
The start logo here looks too different from the original logo:
• The relation between white space and green space is not the
same – here, there is more white space/the green lines are
thinner? The width of the white and green lines should be
exactly the same
• The arrow is larger/different
• The green color is not the same? I don’t know how that can be
different, when using the same colour code…


The basic shapes are too uneven and makes it look a bit messy compared to the other
animations. We know they have to change during shapeshifting, but it looks too uneven in
the basic shapes.
• In the original, the green and white line has the same width – here it is uneven.
• The arrow is still too large on two shapes, and too wide on the two others, compared
to the original arrow
See examples below.
White space
The width of the white space is
larger than the green line should be identical
Arrow too wide and a
little too long
compared to original
Green line much
wider than the
Original by comparison
Arrow too long
and big
White space
uneven (width
not the same all
way round)
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