Nature pollution
The most important problems in this field are: the environmental pollution, ozone layer depletion, diminishing water resources.
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Nature pollution

1. Nature pollution

Work author:
Butorina Ksenia


Greetings, dear viewers and readers. The problem of
environmental pollution is in the first place at present. Nature
suffers and perishes, but we have a reason for that !!!
My name is Ksenia, and I want to show you how our world is
suffering! We will look at important points in our lives.

3. The most important problems in this field are: the environmental pollution, ozone layer depletion, diminishing water resources.


The first problem is environmental pollution
caused by numerous industrial, chemical
enterprises, which do not refine their wastes,


as well as in emergency cases have no sewage
purification, the result of which is the pollution
of reservoirs and water basins.


The second problem is garbage. Rubbish tips, dumped
poisonous chemicals, broken cars, thrown away bottles and
dropped sweet papers are types of land pollution. Poisoned
soil can make animals and people very ill.


The next problem is the depletion of the ozone
layer, which is also of great importance to people.
For example, global warming is a consequence of
the destruction of the ozone layer.


Doctors believe that as a result of the decrease in ozone, the
percentage of skin cancer and blindness due to cataracts has
increased. The human immunity also falls, which leads to various
types of other diseases. The inhabitants of the upper layers of
the oceans are most affected.


Another source of environmental pollution is road transport.
Oil-fired internal combustion engines emit a lot of harmful
gases. The most important environmental issues are nuclear
power plants.


There are many consequences of damaging the environment: acid
rain, water shortage resulting from abuse of arable lands in
agriculture, damage to wild-life. Vast forests are cut and burnt in
fire. Their disappearance upsets the oxygen balance. As result a
number of rivers and lakes dry up.


Drought leads to the death of animals, plants and even
soil. Many animals have to change their habitat.


Remember, the discharge of dust and gas into the atmosphere
returns to the Earth in the from «acid rains» and affects crop, the
quality of forests, the amount of fish. To this can be added the
rise of chemicals, radioactivity, noisy and other types of


You saw only part of how we kill life.
Think about it, this is our home!
We can’t change our planet, as if to buy a new
apartment when the old is no longer suitable for life.
We must save her!


Our duty is to help to prevent
pollution of nature !!!


Many thanks for your
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