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Climate of Canada


Chechetkin Nikolay


1.Climate zone
2. Average temperature
3. Precipitation amount


In the main part of the country, the climate is temperate and quite
mild. In the northern regions, the climate is mainly subarctic.


Average winter temperatures range from -35 °C in the north of the country to 4 °C
in the south of the Pacific coast. Average summer temperatures reach up to 21 °C
in the south of the country and from -4 °C to 4 °C on the islands of the Canadian
Arctic Archipelago. Beyond the Arctic Circle, the temperature amplitude is almost
constantly in the range below 0.


Annual precipitation ranges from 150 mm . And at the northern
tip up to 1250 mm . on the coasts of the Atlantic and 2500 mm . on
the coasts of the Pacific Ocean.
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