My favorite film
Léon: The Professional
The plot
The Main Actors
My opinion
The end
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My favorite film

1. My favorite film


2. Léon: The Professional

«Léon» - French film
Director Luc Besson,
released in 1994.
Genre: a thriller, a drama
Léon: The Professional

3. The plot

This film is about the killer. In his spare
time playing sports, attending musicals,
and watching his best friend is a potted
plant. One day he meets a neighbor girl
named Matilda. Girl from disadvantaged
family, and her father did not share with
the police Department for the fight
against drugs. Family of the girl killed.
Leon had seen it all and when Matilda
knocks on his door, he opens don`t
immediately. The girl was not afraid of
his work. She asks him to teach her
everything he knows. At first he wanted
to get rid of it, but then Matilda became
his best friend.

4. The Main Actors

Gary Oldman (Norman)
Jean Reno (Leon)
Danny Aiello (Tony)
Natalie Portman (Matilda)

5. facts

• The plant in the pot, which is continuously
carried the main characters is called aglaonema
(aglaonema). In English the word is pronounced
• The film, which Leon looks at the cinema — "it's
Always fair weather" (1955)
• Throughout the film the only Stansfield wears
a beige suit and a white shirt.

6. facts

•The full name of the main character — Leon
•Natalie Portman was 11 years old
• Mark of the gun used by Leon, is called the
Beretta 92

7. My opinion

This is one of my favorite movies.
I really like the movie plot, cast
and soundtrack. This is an unusual
film about the friendship
between a killer and a young
girl. Together they would
become a good team if Leon did
not die for Matilda. I really want
to see the sequel…

8. The end

Троегубова Алена
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