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Spain. History




1. History.
2. Political system.
3. Administrative division.
4. Economics.
5. Health.
6. Culture and art.
7. Football.
8. People and language.
9. Architecture.
10. Reference.

3. History

Spain in the Paleolithic era by
the ancient people on earth
(to our era10-the Millennium up
to the beginning of life. Spain
created the most ancient on
the earth the state of the
Hostal Castillo (to our era In the
1st Millennium). On the territory
of the country to our era. What
finicular century Greeks and
7th army.


To our era 5 – 3 centuries the Celts through
the Pyrenees. To our era at the end of the 3rd
century most of the land in the state of Spain
Carthage surrendered. To our era Cartagena
of the Roman Empire in the 2nd century, and
to our era 21 – Spain in the 19th year all the
territory of the region. In the country the rule
of the Roman Empire during the SpanishRoman nobility. After the vandals in Spain,
venues, sowter go to print, in the North-West
Svev created Kingdom.

5. The structure of the state.

Government structure Spain is a constitutional
monarchy. The head of state is king. Currently, Felipe VI.
The authority making the law — General contester
Spain: Congress of Deputies and the Senate. Of the 259
members of the local convening of the Senate.
Deputies, the life is 4 years.

6. Information about Spain

Spain in southwestern
Europe.Most of the
Peninsula of the Pyrenees
and the Balearic Islands in
the Mediterranean sea,
Islands in the ocean and
the Canary Islands have
pitius Atlanta. Area 505,9
thousand km2.


Information about Spain
In Spain, as well as adjacent cities and Seat
and Melilla in North Africa on the shores of
Valette-La Gomera, Alhucemas, Chafarinas
sees of the island. 46.1 million population.
(2011). Basically,espander cataloger (over 5
million), halicilar (3 million), basilar (over 2
million). The population of the city at 76.79%.
The official language is Spanish.


Construction of administrative
Autonomous region of Spain-17.1
(comunidades own regional TV)
and 2 Autonomous cities
(ciudades own regional TV) –
Ceuta and Melilla.
Spain stands out for another 15
provizija. Only one region is
composed of seven Autonomous
provinces: Asturias,Balearic
Islands, Cantabria , La Rioja (La
figs, pomegranates, cotton),
Madrid , Murciaand Navarra.
Provincial districts (comarcas).
And further, they micro-areas
(municipio) is denied.

9. Largest cities

1 population 2 million they have in Spain, the city
of Astan:
• Madrid --- 2 232 000
• Barcelona --- 1 595 000
• Valencia --- 797 000







13. Economy

• Espantar industry in Western Europe volume 5-th
place in the world in 8th place. In the country
machinery, shipbuilding, aircraft production,
electrical engineering, chemical, textile, welldeveloped industries. In recent years, the mining
industry declined annually, growing production of
electronic equipment instead. The share of state
sector in the economy – 30%. The country is rich in
minerals, but no more than 100 minerals only 16th

14. Health.

In Spain in 1970 per 1,000 people to 19.6
child birth, mortality rate of 8.5 people
died 27,9 every child alive. The average
lifespan of man is 70 years old. In the
country are cardiovascular diseases,
malignant neoplasms,diabetes mellitus,
disease size common helminthiasis.
Echinococcosis of the most common
diseases in the world - leprosy occurs in
some parts of Spain, and leptospires.
According to incomplete statistics, in
1969, Spain in 1648 beds 156,8 thousand
hospitals. In 1970, 41.4 thousand doctor,
dental drger 3,4, 4,1 thousand and 16
thousand obstetrician placed on the work
of the pharmacist. The University prepares
specialists of medical special faculties.

15. Art

In Spain, preserved the most ancient
monuments of the Paleolithic, at the
place. Ceramic vessels of the
Neolithic period and the remains
preserved stone vases with
engraved yerlerden amaldagi. The
rest are found in the Roman Empire,
the place Stenden temples and
theatres. Although the average
height of the structures built in the
example of art (Cordovado the
mosque of the 10th century). The
formation of personal Espana art in 8
– 9 centuries.



Spanish dance
Flamenco music of the Spanish,
NGK power and styles of art. This
is the Andalusian, the city's first.
Nowadays it is mostly Arabs in
isbandyti capture in traditional
arts, Eastern culture, we see in
the country and left their shares
to Spanish. There are several
method Flamenco.1 sapateado –
dancing on the way of heels. 2
method of manipulating the
hands in a special way. 3 way
actuation of the whole body. In
the Plaza of Spain Pepe Lopez to
the audience often it seems to be
more bi. And in Catalonia, the
dance teaches other Nations.


Corrida - is one of the oldest in Spain, one
of the famous traditions and customs.
Working youth that the battle of the bulls.
The Spaniards,as well as citizens around the
world have loved these competitions will
see risk. This game is very popular at the
present time of competition, and
competition comes to see games such
amazing tourists from other countries. But
coming, participating in the battle of man
called the Matador. Matador 6 arrives in the
battle area 3 type simple Corridoni but.
Alone a qualified but Matador enters the
battle on the square. If a Matador, I think,
matadora involved in the gift tail and ears of
a bull. In the square of Las Ventas de Torres
de Mar, Spain ,held sincewith 1912,this
miracle. The area built in the style of
neomudejar. That is arena 20. Near the
arena there is a Museum of working youth.
Juanito separate exhibits in the Museum
you can see Crusty female Matador.






23. Languages

The official language of the Country is
Spanish(Castile). But, as in some regions of
Castille contact official along with catalon
language, Basque(euskera), valensi and
languages of halisi


The Spaniards live
longer: average life
expectancy of 79. And
the average age among
women is 87. That was
the highest figure in
Europe. Isbandyti each
have two names: father
and mother.


Shuge lunch at a convenient time.
In the evening time for dinner in
Spain from 9 to 10 a normal
distance, they at five in the
morning waking up. All this time in
the city cafe is the most Spaniards
drink coffee in the morning
definitely. Schoolchildren,
students of preschool age with 2 in
the morning before her walk,
because the walk may not be as
day by day-intense heat. There is
a very lively night life are: playing
soccer, walk in the Park, dogs and
surrendered. Length of the day in
Spain is very convenient for
tourists. During the day they much
expected to see, learn Legere.


Spanish kitchen.
The Spanish are very emotional, so while they
talk to each other very close and consists of
steady hands.
The most interesting Spanish tradition of
drinking out of home Breakfast. And
disturbanceand war, working youth, the
authorities, which had a stage Francisco
Franco dictatory to speak is prohibited.
Generally, Europe ranks first in the number of
restaurants and barnardii on cotechnology.
The number of such institutions is 350 thousand.
People are very fond of tasty and high quality
cooking solid foods gegend Toya. Cook,
indicating if a gift, thank you want to comment,
ask for more power. Worldwide well-known
representatives of the Spanish food - cold
soup, gazpacho, paella, corresponding to
similar palawa food, omelet tortilla, tapas
would the younger teeth in a timely manner. In
ecohuman power and great respect.


Tapas – Andalucia.
The advent of the Spaniards in the
fourteenth century by one of the
national dishes. Tapas "Tapa", "lid"
means the meaning. This dish is
meat cooked or dried shiyin
chorizo, in addition, bulk wine that
trackage beautiful and beer. And
is included with this dish the sauce
over the potatoes. Most often
demand for this kind of food
dressing for a lot of close friends


Spanish wines.
Wine is the country. The
Spaniard Torres in Spain for
tourists and vacationers offers
the following types of high
quality, red Sangre de Toro,
Gran CORONAS, Gran Sangre
de Toro, Las Torres; second
grade - Sol, San Valentin,
Grand Prix San second
classes, second classes Esmeralda.


The victory arch.


Cibella fountains.


Street Puerto de Toledo.


Juan Carlos Park.


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