Early years
From rags to riches
Grammy 2001
Overall awards
Why I love his music
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Eminem, Marshall Bruce Mathers II


2016 год


Marshall Bruce Mathers III (October 17, 1972 ), better known by his stage
name Eminem and his alter-ego Slim Shady. American rapper, music
producer, songwriter and actor. Marshall was also in group “D-12” and
hip-hop duo “Bad Meets Evil”. Eminem is one of the best-selling music
actors in the world, as well as best-selling singer of the 2000s. He is
called one of the greatest musicians of all time by many magazines,
including “Rolling Stone”.

3. Childhood

He never knew his father.
He abandoned the family
when Eminem was still an
infant, and rejected all his
son's numerous attempts to
contact him in childhood. As
a result, Eminem was
adopted by his mother,
Deborah . She did not
manage to keep a job for
more than a few months at a
time, so they often moved
between Missouri and
Detroit, Michigan, spent a lot
of time in public housing
projects. "I changed schools
two, three times a year,"
Eminem later remembered.

4. Early years

Marshal was 12 years old when he and
his mother finally settled in the east of
Detroit. And there the future rapper got
in trouble. Being the fourth grade
student he was terrorized every day by
a high school student. School had to be
changed, it happened every few
months. In winter 1983 the boy was
severely beaten, he spent ten days in a
coma. It was a difficult childhood and
years of suffering influenced his work. A
year after the incident Marshal returned
to Kansas City. There a future celebrity
reunited Ronnie, mother's brother, with
whom the young man became friends.
"My uncle was actually my best friend," says the rapper.

5. From rags to riches

At the age of 13 the boy starts to record his rap and gets so interested in rap
music that can not live without it a day. As a result, the future artist already in
the school acquired a reputation of a capable rapper . At the age of 15
Marshall met in school his future wife Kim Scott. And then the light appears in
his life .
At the age of 17 Eminem left school and began to try questionable underpaid
profession. Very often , the rapper performed live at night on one of the local
radio stations.

6. Grammy 2001

On the 2001 GrammyEminem already received
three awards. In June of
the same year Eminem
acts as a member of the
group D-12, which
released his debut album
“Devil's Night”. Singles
“Purple Hills” and “Fight”.
gained wide popularity
with the public , which
provided the group
success and future
prospects .

7. Overall awards

Eminem has won thirteen
Grammy Awards .
On MTV’s list of " The Greatest
MC of All Time " Eminem is
number nine and number
thirteen on the list of " 22 of the
greatest voices in music ." In
2005 , Rolling Stone magazine
published article " The
Immortals : 100 Greatest Artists
of All Time ", where Eminem was
at 83-d position . In 2008, the
readers of “Vibe” declared him
the best rapper alive.

8. Why I love his music

Firstly, Eminem has a real talent. I can say I didn’t often
used to listen to rap, but Marshal is the only rapper that I
can listen to without any problem.
Secondly, I like the words of his songs. He is not afraid to
say everything he thinks about. He is a truly brave man.
Thirdly, it’s his voice. He’s speech is wonderful. It’s so
perfect, awesome.
Finally, Eminem does everything by himself. He is a real
self-made. And this is amazing!
There are many reasons why I listen to this singer. It’s
really impossible to explain everything .…


Thank you for attention.
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