Niagara Falls.
Niagara at night.
Canada’s Wonderland.
Canadian Rockies.
Jasper park.
Banff park.
Yoho park.
Waterton Lakes.
Kootenay park.
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Canada. The second largest country in the world

1. Canada.

The second largest country in the

2. Niagara Falls.

• A complex of waterfalls on
the Niagara River, which
separates the US state of
New York from Canadian
province of Ontario.
Ground levels between the
top of waterfall and it's
bottom is not very not
significant, but the waterfall
is very wide, and the
volume of water passing
through that waterfull
makes the Niagara waterfall
the most powerful in North

3. Niagara at night.

At Niagara there are
dozens of multicolored spotlights
which has a total
capacity of 1.5 mln
KWh . As soon as it
gets dark , their
beams are directed
to a continuously
falling water of

4. Canada’s Wonderland.

• A huge theme park
«Wonderland» is situated
on 121 hectares, 30 km
from downtown Toronto.
This amusement park is a
fantastic country with
mountains, valleys, caves
and rivers.

5. Canadian Rockies.

• Canadian Rockies stretched
from north to south for 1,400
km. The Canadian Rockies are
five very beautiful national
parks included in the UNESCO
World Heritage List: Jasper,
Banff, Yoho, Waterton
Lakes and Kootenay.

6. Jasper park.

There are more than
200 species of birds
who lives in the park.
There arw also deers,
elks , grizzly bears ,
wolverines , tree
porcupines and many
other animals , and the
park itself is almost
entirely composed of
beautiful pine forests.

7. Banff park.

Canada's oldest
national park,
established in 1885 in
the Canadian
Mountains. With
multitude of glaciers
and ice fields, dense
pine forests and alpine

8. Yoho park.

The park is located in a
mountainous region
with a large difference
in a ground level, from
the glaciers on the top
of the mountains to the
numerous lakes in the
valleys, waterfalls and
canyons and limestone

9. Waterton Lakes.

The park
presents the
stone rocks of
various colors:
red, green, gray
and brown, and
black. Black
stones had
volcanic origin.

10. Kootenay park.

In the park there are
hot and cold springs.
The park includes: ice
and rocks, meadows
and forests, mountain
valleys. Mountain goats
that live on the slopes
of Mount Vardl, are a
symbol of the park and
they are protected by
special protection of
the park.


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Plusnina Diana
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