The Focus
Common European Framework
Blended Learning
Blended Learning
What to do to get points and get a final mark for a term?
How often do I have quizzes and tests?
Thank you for attention!
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Touchstone end MISiS


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2. The Focus

• Language Skills (CEFR Guide Level)
• Organization (time-management, deadlines,
vocabulary notebook, using a planner)
• Learning to learn (accelerate your learning)
• Develop communicative skills (Conversation
strategies, pair-work, group-work)
• Finding answers (effective research, reading,
note-taking, color coding)
• Critical thinking and analysis (project work,
discussions, debates)
• Writing (focuses on successful writing for
• Revising (skills for exam preparation)

3. Common European Framework

A1 (beginner)
A1-A2 (elementary)
A2-B1 (low intermediate)
B1 (intermediate)

4. Blended Learning

Cambridge LMS
(платформа )
Face-to-face classes - 50 % time
Online work - 50 % time
Online work:
Blogs, Wikis, Forums etc.

5. Blended Learning

How to register on Cambridge LMS?
1. You have to have an email
2. Create a name which has first letter of the first
name and your full surname
3. Wait until you are approved on LMS
4. Start working and get your points

6. What to do to get points and get a final mark for a term?

Attend classes
Write 2 Quizzes
Write 2 Tests
Learn Vocabulary (2 vocabulary tests)
Do online course and workbook units ( 12 units)
Do online tests( 8 tests)
Write online tasks ( blogs, forums etc.)
Do Project work
Some activities according to your level or module


10 -Attend classes - 10
10- 2 Quizzes in class – 10
20 - 2 Tests in class– 20
6- online course and workbook units ( 12 units)- 6
8 - online tests( 8 tests) – 8
16 - online Writing – 16
10 - Project - 10
Irregular verbs Tests - 4
MOCK KET speaking part+preparation -16
Vocabulary Check - 10
MOCK PET speaking part+preparation -10

8. KET? PET?

International Exams certifying your level
KET – Key English Test – A2
PET - Preliminary English Test - B1

9. How often do I have quizzes and tests?

10. Thank you for attention!

Remember that you are making the first steps to
reach the highest goal
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