The Vikings in Britain
Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms
Earliest raids
Map of Viking attack routes
Viking Invasion continues…
Danelaw Map
Kingdom of Canute the Great
What happened next?
Vikings in Scotland
Vikings in Wales and Cornwall
Vikings in Ireland
Areas settled by Vikings
Famous Misconceptions
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The Vikings in Britain

1. The Vikings in Britain

2. Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms

3. Vikings

Also called Norsemen
The word „Viking“ means „Pirate raid“
Great seafarers
Skillful craftsmen
Their expansion ended with Christianization
Fierce warriors

4. Earliest raids

• 787 - First raid in Dorset
• 793 - Monastery of Lindisfarne
• Small raids common since
• 865 - Large army of Danes
invaded East Anglia
• Northumbria conquered and
settled by the Danes
• Invasion of Wessex repelled by
Alfred the Great

5. Map of Viking attack routes

6. Viking Invasion continues…

• Most of occupied lands captured back by the
army of Wessex
• Danelaw established
• 947 - New wave of viking attacks
• Norwegian king Eric Bloodaxe captured York
• Sweyn I (1013-1014)
• Canute the Great (1016-1035)

7. Danelaw Map

8. Kingdom of Canute the Great

9. What happened next?

• Troubles with inheritance
• Harthacanute vs. Harold Harefoot
• Return of Edward the Confessor from exile in
• 1042 - Restoration of Saxon Wessex dynasty
• 1066 – Last attempt of Norwegians to invade
England, defeated by Anglo-Saxons who were in
turn defeated by William of Normandy

10. Vikings in Scotland

• Scotland – Norwegians defeated Picts who lost
their power and Kingdom of Scotland was found
• Islands off Scotland coast were part of Norway
until 1468

11. Vikings in Wales and Cornwall

• Of all parts of nowadays Great Britain Wales
was least settled by Vikings
• Vikings were not able control Wales for longer
• Cornwall became an ally of Vikings and helped
them conquer Wessex, remained independent of

12. Vikings in Ireland

• Ireland was devided into many small kingdoms
• Heavily settled by the Vikings
• Norsemen could not conquer whole island and
were finally defeated by Irish allied forces
• High Kingdom of Ireland was founded though
after danger was overthrown it felt apart

13. Areas settled by Vikings

14. Ships

• Longship - „Drakkar“
• Merchantship – „Knarr“

15. Famous Misconceptions

• Horned helms were used only for ritual
ceremonies not in combat
• Vikings were not savage marauders, they had
advanced trade and culture
• They did not use sculls of their enemies as cups
• Uncleanliness? No way, look at the AngloSaxons instead
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