The XXII Olympic Winter Games
Alpine Skiing
Figure skating
Ice Hockey
Freestyle skiing
Nordic combined
Short track speed skating
Ski jumping
Speed skating
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The XXII Olympic Winter Games

1. The XXII Olympic Winter Games

The presentation was prepared
by the student of the 6th grade

2. Symbols

3. Alpine Skiing

Alpine combined men
downhill men
giant slalom men
slalom men
super-G me
Alpine combined women
downhill women
giant slalom women
slalom women
super-G women

4. Bobsleigh

A four-man bobsleigh race took place at the
first Winter Games in 1924, with a two-man
event added four years later and the women’s
two-man event debuting at the 2002 Games.

5. Skeleton

Skeleton is a fast winter sliding
sport in which an individual
person rides a small sled down
a frozen track while lying face

6. Biathlon

Biathlon debuted at the Winter
Games in 1960, when the only event
was the men’s 20km individual race.
The relay was added in 1968, while
the 10km sprint debuted in 1980,
before women’s events were first held
in 1992. Pursuit and mass start
events were added in 2002 and 2006

7. Curling

After featuring at the first
Winter Games, in 1924,
curling did not appear on
the Olympic programme
again until 1998.

8. Figure skating

Figure skating is the oldest sport on the Olympic Winter Games
programme. It was contested at the 1908 London Games and again
in 1920 in Antwerp. Men’s, women’s, and pairs were the three events
contested until 1972. Since 1976, ice dancing has been the fourth
event in the programme, proving a great success.
New: Figure skating team event - mixed.

9. Ice Hockey

Ice hockey has been played at every edition of
the Winter Games, with the women’s event
making its debut in Nagano in 1998.

10. Freestyle skiing

Sochi 2014 will see four new
events join the freestyle skiing
programme, with both a men’s
and a women’s event in ski
slopestyle and a men’s and a
women’s event in ski halfpipe
joining ski cross, aerials and

11. Luge

Luge first featured at the Olympic Winter Games in Innsbruck in
1964 and has remained on the programme ever since, with Sochi
2014 marking the debut of the mixed team relay event.

12. Nordic combined

Nordic combined, which features ski jumping and a cross-country skiing
race, has appeared at every Winter Games since 1924.
Nordic Combined Events:
Men’s Events Individual,
Ski jumping K90 (70m) men
Sprint K120 men

13. Short track speed skating

Short track speed skating was added to the Olympic programme at
the 1992 Winter Games, with one individual and one relay event for
both men and women. In Sochi, men and women will contest the
500m, 1,000m and 1,500ma 3,000m relay for women and a 5,000m
relay for men.

14. Ski jumping

Ski jumping has been contested at every Winter Games, but Sochi
2014 will mark the first time that women will compete in the event
at the Games.

15. Snowboarding

Snowboarding is the newest discipline on the Winter Games
programme, having first been held in Nagano in 1998, when giant
slalom and halfpipe events were contested. Snowboard cross was
added in 2006.
New events in Sochi:
Snowboard slopestyle –
Men’s and Women’s
Snowboard parallel slalom –
Men’s and Women’s

16. Speed skating

Speed skating has been part of the Winter Games since the first
edition, in 1924, with women’s events added to the programme in

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