Edith Nesbit
Who is she?
More detalied about «The Railway children»
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Edith Nesbit

1. Edith Nesbit

2. Who is she?

Edith Nesbit is
English writer and
She is author of
more then 60 books
of children's


Edith Nesbit was born on 15th
of August 1858 in family of an
agricultural chemist, John
Collis Nesbit, who died in
March 1862, before her fourth
birthday. Her sister Mary's ill
health meant that the family
travelled around for some
When Nesbit was seventeen,
the family moved back to
London, living in South East
London at Eltham, Elswick
Road in Lewisham, Grove Park
and Lee.


At eighteen, Nesbit met the
bank clerk Hubert Bland in
1877. Seven months pregnant,
she married Bland on 22 April
1880, though she did not
immediately live with him, as
Bland initially continued to
live with his mother. She had
5 children.


Nesbit published approximately 40
books for children, including novels,
collections of stories and picture
books. Collaborating with others,
she published almost as many more.


Edit Nesbit offer one's mite
new slant in children’s
literature. Heroes of his
writings are young
contemporary of the author
meet with magical creatures
in usual world, sometimes
travel to fantastic worlds.
Expect childish work , she
wrote 11 romances ,short
stories and 4 digest of
“horrible stories” for adults.

7. More detalied about «The Railway children»


That store about 3 happy kids. They lived with parents and nanny
in London. But their live suddenly changed .Dad is disappeared
and they with their mom have to remove into the country in little
house and learn to live on the little money that she could earn
writing short stories. Now children all their free-time spend next to
railway .They have time to make friends with express passenger,
and head of the station. Brother and sisters prevent a train wreck
and help to many people. It's no wonder that people want to help
to children too including in search of a father.
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