Summer Schools in International Politics and Political Studies
LSE Summer School Courses Стипендия предусматривает оплаты любых 2- х последовательных курсов
SciencePo Summer School
HKU Summer Institute
Стипендиальная программа HICUS/ИСТОКИ Условия и Критерии отбора
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Summer Schools in International Politics and Political Studies

1. Summer Schools in International Politics and Political Studies

• LSE (Великобритания)
• SciencePo (Франция)
• Hong Kong University (Китай)
Февраль 2016

2. LSE

• LSE Summer School offers over 70 three-week courses taught by LSE’s world-renowned faculty.
All courses take place on our campus in the heart of Central London. The LSE Summer School
has the world's largest intake of international study abroad undergraduates compared with
other summer schools across the globe. Visiting students are often able to transfer credit
from LSE's rigorously assessed summer courses towards degrees at their home institution.
• The study of International Relations, Government and Society is a core activity of scholars at
LSE. The departments of International Relations, Government and Sociology were not only
amongst the first of their kind, but have remained leading world centres for the development
of their respective subjects ever since. Indeed, LSE has long prided itself on maintaining the
largest Department of International Relations in Western Europe.
• 20/06/16 – 19/08/16 (Need to choose 2 consecutive 3-week terms out of 3 offered)
• Entrance Requirements: GPA 3.3, IELTS 7.0 or equivalent TOEFL Score
• GBP 3,175 excluding flights and medical insurance
• Applications Deadline: [ ]
Февраль 2016

3. LSE Summer School Courses Стипендия предусматривает оплаты любых 2- х последовательных курсов

Session One: 20 June - 8 July 2016
Session Two: 11 - 29 July 2016
IR115: Culture and Globalisation
IR130: Athens to Al-Qaeda: Political Theory and International
IR102: Capitalism, Democracy and Equality: The Political
Economy of the Advanced Nations
IR160: The Middle East in Global Politics
IR105: Understanding Foreign Policy: the Diplomacy of War,
Profit and Justice
IR201: Power Shift: The Decline of the West, The Rise of the
BRICS and World Order in a New Asian Century
IR120: Trade, Development and the Environment
IR140: Global Communications, Citizens and Cultural Politics
IR202: The Politics and Prevention of Genocide and Other Mass
IR200: International Organisation: The Institutions of Global
IR203: An Urbanising World: The Future of Global Cities *NEW*
IR250: The Global Politics of Protest and Change
IR209: International Political Economy
Session Three: 1 - 19 August 2016
IR245: International Journalism and Society - The Role of the
Media in the Modern World
IR100: Great Thinkers and Pivotal Leaders: Shaping the Global
Order *NEW*
IR270: What Kind of Europe? Crisis, Reform and the
International Role of the European Union
IR101: Childhood across Cultures *NEW*
IR207: Development in the International Political Economy
IR210: International Politics: Building Democracies from
Февраль 2016

4. SciencePo Summer School

• The social sciences track offers Summer School students the opportunity to delve into a core
subject of the Sciences Po curriculum. Students in the social sciences track choose one class
of intensive study, which takes the form of 48 contact hours per month. Areas of study include
international relations, political science, economics, history, and more:
The European Union at a Crossroads (session 1)
Political Economics (session 1)
The Challenge of World Poverty: Problems and Solutions (session 2)
Comparative Perspectives on Migration Issues (session 2)
Human Security (session 2)
Sustainable Development in the 21st Century (session 2)
• 25/05/2016 – 13/08/2016
• Entrance Requirements: Current university students from other universities at any stage of
their degree programmes, IELTS 6.0 (no subscore below 5.5) or TOEFL 90
• EUR 6,250 excluding flights and medical insurance
• Application Deadline: [*]
Февраль 2016

5. HKU Summer Institute

• Asia as the Global Future (Course Code: FOSS4005): This 4-week programme
aims at enhancing students’ awareness of the importance of Asia in the
globalizing world according to the following key theme
Asia in the World
Culture, Heritage, Civil Society and Social Movements
Economic Transformation and the Challenges of Growth
Politics and Human Well-being
Rise of Knowledge Economy and Creative Industries
• 19/06/2016 – 17/07/2016
• Entrance Requirements: current enrollment in a relevant bachelor’s/master’s
course, IELTS 7.0 or equivalent TOEFL score
• USD 5,500 excluding flights and medical insurance
• Deadline for Applications: 31 March 2016
Февраль 2016

6. Стипендиальная программа HICUS/ИСТОКИ Условия и Критерии отбора

• Стипендиальная программа открыта для всех студентов факультета политологии МГУ 2-го курса и
выше дневной и вечерней форм обучения;
• Стипендия HICUS/Истоки предусматривает оплату 100% расходов студентов по обучение, проживание,
перелет (билет экономического класса) и медицинскую страховку на время обучения;
• Соискатели стипендии для рассмотрения их кандидатуры должны предоставить [ ], Кафедра
государственной политики в срок до [ ]:
Эссе с описанием собственных научных интересов в области политологии и обоснованием своего желания и
намерений пройти обучение в соответствующей летней школе (2000 слов)
Подтверждение своего зачисления в выбранную школу
Письмо визовой поддержки из соответствующей школы
Выбор двух семестров (программ) (только для LSE)
Подтверждения сдачи IELTS/TOEFL на уровне не ниже, требуемого соответствующей программой
Копию загран паспорта со сроком действия не менее 6-ти месяцев с даты завершения соответствующей
• Перечисления оплаты обучения и связанных расходов происходит только по факту получения
соответствующей визы (при необходимости ее наличия в соответствие с иммиграционными
требования страны обучения)
Февраль 2016
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