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World cup




The world championship on football, also often called the
FIFA world Cup, world Cup, FIFA world Cup, FIFA world Cup
is important international football competition. The soccer
world Cup is the governing body of world football — FIFA,
and can participate in the men's national teams of member
countries of FIFA all over the world.


The final tournaments of the world Championships are held every 4 years, like Olympic games,
however, if we consider the regional qualifiers, every world Cup continues for more than 3 years.
In the qualifying rounds of the 2010 world Cup involved 204 of the team. In the final tournament,
which takes place every 4 years for about a month in advance, selected the host country of the
championship, since 1998 take part 32 teams (31 teams, became eligible at the end of the
qualifying tournament, and the team of the host country (since 1938); theoretically, the tournament
can take more than one country, however, more than 85-year history, only once FIFA has
entrusted the staging of the world Cup to two countries. Subsequently, the organization has
repeatedly signaled that it is not aimed at holding the tournament in two or more countries (unlike,
for example, from UEFA since UEFA EURO 2000, has repeatedly entrusted the European
Championships in multiple countries). From 1938 until 2002 the winner of the previous season's
world championship also participated in the final tournament without qualification; since 2006, the
winner of the previous world championship is a qualifying tournament on a common basis).


• The final of the world Cup, held since 1930 (with a break in 1942
and 1946 due to world war II), has a huge audience and attracts
great interest worldwide. For example, the finals of the 2006 looked
715.1 million viewers, which is the ninth broadcast in the number of


• Last world Cup was held from 12 June to 13 July
2014 in Brazil. The reigning world champion —
the national team of Germany. The next
championship of 2018 will pass in Russia, and
the championship 2022 will be held in Qatar.


• and the whole history of the world Championships, only 8 countries
have won the title of Champions. The greatest number of titles on
account of Brazil — 5 times they became winners of the
championship. Italy and Germany have won the world Cup 4 times;
Argentina, Uruguay became Champions twice, and once the
championship was won by England, France and Spain.

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