Достопримечательности Вашингтона
The White House
The Capitol
National avenue
The Washington Monument
Lincoln Memorial
Jefferson Memorial
Memorial to veterans of the Korean War
Monument to Martin Luther King
The Ford Theater
Library of Congress
Museums and galleries
Museum of American History
Museum of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Museum of American Indians
National Gallery of Art
Museum of Journalism and News
International Museum of Espionage
Washington Cathedral
Basilica of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Supreme Court Building
Edgar Hoover Building
Building of the Smithsonian Institution
Pavilion of the old post office
Georgetown District
Mount Vernon
Arlington National Cemetery
US Botanical Garden
Great Waterfalls of the Potomac
Festival of cherry blossom
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Достопримечательности Вашингтона

1. Достопримечательности Вашингтона

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2. План

1- The White House
2- The Capitol
3- National avenue
4- The Washington Monument
5- Lincoln Memorial
6- Jefferson Memorial
7- Memorial to veterans of the Korean War
8- Monument to Martin Luther King
9- The Ford Theater
10- Library of Congress
11- Museums and galleries

3. План

• 12th Washington Cathedral
• 13- Basilica of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin
• 14- Supreme Court Building
• 15- Edgar Hoover Building
• 16- Pentagon
• 17- Building of the Smithsonian Institution
• 18- Pavilion of the old post office
• 19-Georgetown District
• 20- Mount Vernon
• 21- Arlington National Cemetery
• 22-US Botanical Garden
• 23-Great Waterfalls of the Potomac
• 23-Festival of cherry blossom

4. The White House

In appearance, a rather modest white building, in which the administration of the US President is
located. The mansion was built in 1800 with the second American president John Adams.

5. The Capitol

The building of the US Congress, located on the hill of the same
name. It appeared with the White House in 1800.

6. National avenue

The street that stretches from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol building. Along the National Alley, the main
memorials of Washington are concentrated.

7. The Washington Monument

A granite obelisk made of
white marble, 169 meters
high, set in honor of the
founding father of D.
Washington. It was built in
the middle of the XIX

8. Lincoln Memorial

The complex is located within the National Mall. It is dedicated to President Abraham Lincoln. The idea to erect a
monument in order to perpetuate the memory of the 16th president, appeared immediately after the death of

9. Jefferson Memorial

The monument is dedicated to the third US president T. Jefferson, who is
called one of the founding fathers.

10. Memorial to veterans of the Korean War

A memorial complex dedicated to the dead and missing soldiers during the
Korean War of 1950-1953.

11. Monument to Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King is a well-known defender of the rights of the black
population and a fighter for justice and equality, the owner of the Nobel
Peace Prize.

12. The Ford Theater

The theater where the 16th President of the United States, Abraham
Lincoln, was killed. This happened in 1865, when Lincoln was in his VIP-lodge
for viewing the performance.

13. Library of Congress

The library is considered one of the most beautiful and large book
collections in the world. It was founded in 1800, when the US capital was
moved to Washington.

14. Museums and galleries

Museum of Natural History
The museum, which is operated by the Smithsonian Institution, where more
than 100 million different exhibits are collected.

15. Museum of American History

The museum is of the greatest interest to the guests of Washington. It was
recognized as the most visited museum of the National Mall.

16. Museum of Aeronautics and Astronautics

One of the most interesting museums on the National Alley of Washington.
Real aircrafts, or copies of them in full size, are exhibited here.

17. Museum of American Indians

One of the new museums on the National Mall - the opening took place in
2004. The expositions are dedicated to the history and culture of the Native
American peoples

18. National Gallery of Art

The museum, which collected works by masters of different art schools and time periods.
Sculptures, paintings, photographs, graphic drawings of both American and European
artists are exhibited here.

19. Museum of Journalism and News

A museum dedicated to the history of the emergence and improvement of
the media. By exposure, you can trace the whole evolution - from the first
newspapers and radio to the era of high-speed Internet.

20. International Museum of Espionage

Quite an interesting place, where some secrets of intelligence and espionage
are discovered. Such a museum is only in the US. The Advisory Council
includes former functionaries of the FBI, the CIA and even the Soviet KGB.

21. Washington Cathedral

The magnificent Gothic temple, finally completed in the 90's. XX century.

22. Basilica of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The largest Catholic church in the United States. The temple is built in
Byzantine style. The interior is done in a rather lavish manner.

23. Supreme Court Building

The building on Capitol Hill, where the highest judicial body of the United
States is sitting. The palace was built in 1936 by the architect K. Gilbert

24. Edgar Hoover Building

A multi-storey and seemingly unremarkable building on Pennsylvania
Avenue. Here is the headquarters of the FBI.

25. Pentagon

A giant structure in the form of a regular pentagon (in Greek - the Pentagon),
where the US Department of Defense is located.

26. Building of the Smithsonian Institution

The Smithsonian Institution is one of the main research centers in the United
States. The administration of the organization is located in a picturesque
castle of red stone in neoromanskom style.

27. Pavilion of the old post office

The architectural structure of the late XIX century with elements of the
European neo-Romanesque style, which was used for a short time as a post

28. Georgetown District

The oldest and most prestigious area of Washington, where among the
greenery are luxurious mansions, there are antique shops and high-class

29. Mount Vernon

Generic estate of the first US President George Washington 24 km. from the
capital. This is an impressive farm, surrounded by plantations.

30. Arlington National Cemetery

Cemetery, where soldiers buried in the Civil War of 1861-1865 are buried.
Over time, this place has become the last refuge for several American

31. US Botanical Garden

The garden appeared in 1820 near the Capitol (officially it was opened only
in 1850). On the territory grows 60 thousand plants.

32. Great Waterfalls of the Potomac

The rapids and waterfalls on the Potomac River are about 22 km away. from
Washington. They are considered to be the most important and picturesque
natural landmark in the whole district.

33. Festival of cherry blossom

The holiday is celebrated annually in late March - early April, when the
Japanese cherry blossoms on the avenues of Washington.

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