Herr James Champollion
The Keeper of the Faculty of Foreign Languages
Sphere of Activities
Reach Your Aims
Your High Point
Meetings with Friends
One of Our Meetings
Useful and Helpful Languages
Our Friends
Happy Anniversary!
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Herr James Champollion. The Keeper of the Faculty of Foreign Languages

1. Herr James Champollion

2. The Keeper of the Faculty of Foreign Languages

• Let us introduce you Herr James
Champollion. He is a personification of
our faculty.
• He is friendly to everybody.
• James takes part in different spheres of
faculty’s life. Now he’ll show you how it
is all works.

3. Sphere of Activities

• Evince your intelligence
• Display your talent
• Demonstrate tenacity
• Show generosity
• Make new friends

4. Reach Your Aims

• Our students are bright and gifted
• You should be hard-working to reach
your goals, and our wise lecturers
help you with it


They have attained success. Now it is your turn!

6. Your High Point

Our students take part in different
The most popular among them is
phonetic contest, where students
show their drama and phonetic
The most active students
participate in the interfaculty
occasions. For example, To Light Up
the Stars, «КВН» and Mr/Mrs of
Leningrad State University named
after Pushkin.
Furthermore, we’ve got special and
marvelous celebration – New Year


8. Meetings with Friends

• On our faculty you can enjoy
meetings with your friends and even
with foreign guests.
• It can help you to improve your
language skills and, moreover, to
make new acquaintance of many
interesting people.

9. One of Our Meetings

10. Useful and Helpful Languages

Moreover, our students are openhearted.
They come forward with different
initiatives and always ready to give
anybody a helping hand.


12. Our Friends

In our university students from
different faculties are friends.
They support each other, compete
with each other and take part in
different activities together.


14. Happy Anniversary!

Recently our university has
celebrated a 25 year anniversary. It
is important event for our faculty.
Our university has become a center
of high education and science in our
We wish our university
development, diligent and bright
student and to achieve success in
different scientific contests.
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