Pinacoteca di Brera. Milan, Italy.
The most famous paintings: Lamentation of Christ (Mantegna)
Miracle of the Slave (Tintoretto)
Portrait of Kisling (Modigliani)
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Pinacoteca di Brera. Milan, Italy

1. Pinacoteca di Brera. Milan, Italy.

Made by Borbolina Margarita



• The gallery opened to the public in the Palace
of Brera, in 1809, according to the decree of
Queen Maria Theresa of Austria.


• There is the widest collection of art
masterpieces ever created by Italian sculptors
and painters. In the forty halls of the gallery
you can get acquainted with the great works of
artists such as Raphael, Titian, Hayes,
Caravaggio, works of famous Flemish
painters, as well as impressionist artists


• In Pinakothek there are 38 rooms with
paintings, which for the convenience of
visitors are arranged in chronological order
and divided into schools of painting. One of
the halls is dedicated to the art of the XX
century. Initially, there was a base for students,
and only in 1882 there was an art gallery, very
popular among students of the Academy of
fine arts.


• A special feature of the gallery-here are
collected not only paintings but also frescoes
belonging to the 14-16 centuries. They are
exposed in special halls where tried to recreate
a model of the destroyed buildings in which
there were frescos


8. The most famous paintings: Lamentation of Christ (Mantegna)

The most famous paintings:
Lamentation of Christ (Mantegna)

9. Miracle of the Slave (Tintoretto)

Miracle of the Slave (Tintoretto)

10. Portrait of Kisling (Modigliani)

Portrait of Kisling (Modigliani)


• Hall 29 is fully dedicated to the work of the
great Italian master Caravaggio (Michelangelo
Merisi), who was the founder of realism and
the largest Baroque master in the 17th century.
It was an outstanding artist, who transferred all
his works directly to the canvas, and was not
found a single picture or sketch



• Everyone who has ever visited the famous
gallery in Milan, was delighted with what he
saw. This Museum is included in all
guidebooks and is recommended for viewing
to those who love painting, and in particular
the Italian masters who are popular to this day.
A few hours spent in the Pinakothek pass
unnoticed, as the paintings leave a strong
impression, because this is the real art.



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