Publicity as a way of promotion of the product
The basic tools of publicity
The basic tools of publicity
Recipients of publicity
The importance of publicity
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Publicity as a way of promotion of the product

1. Publicity as a way of promotion of the product

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2. Promotion

Promotion of goods is a
natural tool of economy and an
important regulator of the
market system. Promotion is
very effective and it contributes
to the quick sale of their
products with proper
organization . Thus the return
of the working funds of
enterprises is accelerating , and
also involves establishing
business contacts between
producers and consumers of
products and increasing

3. Promotion

Promotion can use either direct or
indirect methods. Direct methods
include advertising, publicity,
displays, special event sales,
manufacturer`s aids, personal
selling, selling promotion campaign.
And indirect methods are public
relations, customer relations,
customer services, product styling
and packaging, community goodwill.

4. Publicity

We will talk about publicity as a
promotional method. Publicity is a
form of public relations; it is an
impersonal and not paid by sponsor
stimulating demand for a product
through the dissemination of
commercially sensitive or image
information, both independently
and through middlemen. The
primary aim of publicity is to attract
the attention of potential
consumers without the cost of

5. The basic tools of publicity

• performances: participation of
company representatives in
various events, words of welcome
• activities: organization of
press-conferences and online
meetings, seminars and
anniversary celebrations,
participation in exhibitions,
competitions and contests etc;
• news: providing the media
positive news about the
company, its products and
employees (press releases)

6. The basic tools of publicity

• publications: annual reports,
newsletters, brochures, magazine or
newspaper articles and other printed
materials used as tools to influence
target markets
• sponsorship: the allocation of time,
money and material resources to
promote the organization of charitable
and other socially significant events
• means of identification: use of the
emblem (logo) of the company, business
cards, creating websites, developing a
single style and design, the introduction
of uniforms for employees, distribution
of brochures about the company, etc.

7. Recipients of publicity

Consumers: for the purpose of
formation of positive image of the
product and company.
Contractors: for the purpose of
development of trade network and
attract new partners.
Key journalists (press, radio, TV,
Internet): with the aim of
promoting free information about
the most significant events and
news production.
State and municipal authorities:
with the aim of attracting them to
participate in business

8. The importance of publicity

low costs in comparison
with advertising and
personal selling
greater level of trust than
most informative
more the readers ' attention
• the costs associated with
the maintenance of the PR
state, as well as the
preparation and sending of
• lack of control over the
implementation by the
• one use only


Despite its flaws, the value of publicity is
incredibly large, as the result of a properly
conducted campaign is to increase sales,
change attitudes of consumers and creating a
positive brand image.


To establish a successful publicity, it is necessary to
consider that the audience will be interested only
actual, professionally filed information concerning the
questions and issues of interest to the public.
Moderately provocative, unusual format, the
information will interest the audience much more than
boring numbers, and known, repeatable facts.

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