Princeton university
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Princeton university

1. Princeton university

2. History

Princeton University - private
university, one of the oldest and most
famous universities in the U.S.. is one
of the most prestigious universities in
the country. Located in Princeton, New
Jersey. Founded in 1746. Consists of
Princeton college, graduate, and
research centers. The University
consists of the Woodrow Wilson
School of Public and International
Affairs, leading regional Mccarter
Theatre, museum of art and the
museum of natural history, and a
library named the Harvey S. Firestone,
one of the largest libraries in the
world. Price at Princeton University
reaches 52,670 dollars a year.

3. Students

Degree at Princeton - a unique
combination of art and science – oriented
research. At Princeton, each student can
get education. Princeton students can
obtain a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of
Science in Engineering. Despite the fact
that each department has its own
requirements, all students must listen to a
certain number of courses that are outside of
their specialization and can achieve universal
knowledge and skills. Thus, all students are
required to listen to the minimum number of
courses in the areas of Art and Literature,
history, sociology, epistemology and
cognition, ethics, morality, science, science
and technology. Students also need to learn a
foreign language for three or four semesters
and listen to a seminar on creative writing.

4. Famous graduates

5. cost

cost of attendance for
2016-17 is $63,690 and
Tuition: $45,320
Room charge: $8,335
Board rate: $6,435
Estimated miscellaneous
expenses: $3,600
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