Barbarisms and foreign words
Definitions of foreign words:
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Barbarisms and foreign words

1. Barbarisms and foreign words


There are many borrowings in every
language, some of them being assimilated. We may
distinguish four groups of such words in English:
foreign words, barbarisms, exotic words, and

3. Definitions of foreign words:

1 : a word of a foreign language
2 : a word taken from another language,
pronounced and written as alien, and in English
usually printed in italics
3 : a word adopted from another language :


Foreign words are close to barbarisms, but
they are characterised by occasional usage only,
mainly in literary speech. They do not form a
lexico-stylistic paradigm, though they may be used
to create some stylistic effect.


Barbarisms are words of foreign origin which
have not been entirely assimilated into the English
language preserving their former spelling and
pronunciation. Most of them (e.g. chic, chagrin, en
passant) have corresponding English synonyms.


Exotic words are borrowed foreign words denoting
objects characteristic of a certain country
(canzonet, matador). They have no synonyms in the
language-borrower, do not form a lexico-stylislic
paradigm and therefore are not considered to be lexical
EM, but nevertheless they may be used for stylistic


Borrowings, if they are assimilated, do not
differ much from native words as far as their
stylistic aspect is concerned. They are usually
high-flown synonyms of neutral native words (to
commence – to begin, labour – work, female –


The stylistic functions of barbarisms and foreign
words are similar, they are used to create a local
colouring, to identify a personage as a foreigner, or to
show his/her mannerism.


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