Avicenna (Ibn sina)
The Man of the Hour
His Own School Avicennism
He is the author of the “Canon of medical science”
Later life
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Avicenna (IBN SINA) 980-1037


Avicenna (IBN SINA) 980-1037
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2. Avicenna (Ibn sina)

Born in 980, Abu
Ali ibn Sina was
born in Bukhara.
In the East, Ibn
Sina was know
as Avicenna

3. The Man of the Hour

Avicenna ,was a Persian
polymath and the foremost
physician and philosopher of
his time. He was also an
astronomer, chemist,
geologist, logician,
mathematician, physicist,
poet, psychologist, scientist,
soldier, statesman, and

4. Reward

An Emir rewarded him for his services.
To the access of the royal library of the
Samanids, well-known patrons of
scholarship and scholars.

5. His Own School Avicennism

School tradition:
Is a school of early
Islamic philosophy which began during
the middle of the Islamic Golden Age.
Founded by Avicenna (Ibn Sina)
Attempted to redefine the course of Islamic
philosophy and channel it into new

6. Success

Ibn Sīnā wrote almost 450 treatises on a wide
range of subjects, of which around 240 have
survived. In particular, 150 of his surviving
treatises concentrate on philosophy and 40 of
them concentrate on medicine

7. He is the author of the “Canon of medical science”

8. Discoveries

The Canon of Medicine, 14volume which was a standard
medical text in Europe and
the Islamic world up until the
18th century
A Latin copy of the Canon of
Medicine, dated 1484, located
at the P.I. Nixon Medical
Historical Library of The
University of Texas Health
Science Center at San
dated 1593

9. Later life

The remaining ten or twelve years of Ibn
Sīnā's life were spent in the service of Abu
Ja'far 'Ala Addaula, whom he accompanied
as physician and general literary and
scientific adviser, even in his numerous
Literary matters and philology
"I prefer a short life with width to a narrow
one with length".

10. Death

He died in June 1037,
in his fifty-eighth year,
and was buried in
Hamedan, Iran

11. Does anyone have questions?

The End
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