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Garry Potter



The life of 10 years old boy- Harry Potter cannot be called sweet,
his parents died, when he was a year old, and from his uncle and
aunt, who took on the education of orphan, gets just cuffs. But
Harry's eleventh birthday everything changes. A strange guest
suddenly appeared in the doorway, bringing a letter from a boy
who discovers that he is actually a wizard and accepted to
Hogwarts - the school of magic. And after a couple of weeks,
Harry will race in the Hogwarts Express train towards a new life,
where he was waiting for an incredible adventure, loyal friends,
and most importantly - a key to solving the mystery of the death of
his parents.


Daniel Radcliffe
The film was made by Chris Columbus (who
also worked on the second film in the series ) .
Main roles : 13 - year-old Rupert Grint , 12 year-old Daniel Radcliffe and 11 - year old
Emma Watson . Genre : fantasy, Adventure,
Russian dubbing: Harry Potter - Alex
Yelistratov; Ron Weasley - Alex Kostrichkin;
Hermione Granger - Lina Ivanova.
The main characters : Harry Potter, Ron
Weasley, Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy,
George Weasley, Fred Weasley, Percy Weasley,
Oliver Wood, Albus Dumbledore, Minerva
McGonagall, Severus Snape
Emma Watson
Rupert Grint


This movie was created with big love to the magic world. The amazing scenery and
costumes let the audience believe in the existence of the school of witchcraft and
wizardry. And of course everybody who watches this fiction film notice fantastic
special effects. There is it’s used in every episodes especially in fight scenes in the
movie. Special effect doesn’t distract from the plot but adds it. Music demands
special attention. This fascinating music create mood for this movie. It helps
remember important moments among frequently changing actions. “Garry Potter”
becomes classic of fantasy. There are friendship triumphs evil and faith in the good
qualities of a person kills all difficulties in the movie. That’s why it attracts many


Last time I saw this series a long time ago, in school. Then, in
the "pottermania", CDs were passed from hand to hand and
watched with much plesure. Due to attempt to read this book
fast, to find a solution, to make sure that their favorite
characters okay, I missed a lot. Rereading the book now, I
realized how much nuances, details and little things that
constitute the beauty of the story about the boy who survived
was missed by me. With each watched film you begin to
understand this brilliant plot, his wonderful design and the
genius hand of the author. No one name came out from
nowhere, none of the storyline was left dangling. All the
characters are lovingly written and true to themselves that I
really appreciate in this series. A few mistakes I noticed, but the
enormous work done by the author, can not fail to impress. A
wonderful film filled with deep meaning, worth to be watched.
When my child gets older and asked for advice, something to
watch, I know that I will answer to him.
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