Celine Dion
Relationship with Renee
Сreative Heritages
Honors and Awards
The top of the career
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Celine Dion

1. Celine Dion

2. Vita

Celine Dion was born
March 30, 1968 in a
small Canadian town
Sharlman (Quebec).
She was the
youngest of 14
children in the family
of Theresa and
Adhemar Dion.

3. Childhood

When she was five years old,
her parents bought a restaurant
"Le Vieux Baril", which became
her first scene. To the delight of
the visitors she often performed
there with my brothers and
sisters, to the accompaniment
of a parent. Very often, when a
world-famous artist, Celine in
their interviews fondly
remembered his parents,
brothers, sisters, their cozy
home. Celine Dion always said
that grew up in a poor, but very
happy family.

4. Relationship with Renee

Celine and Rene began their
relationship in one thousand
nine hundred eighty-seven year,
but for a long time, they kept
them in the strictest confidence.
Lovers, the difference in age is
twenty-six years old, afraid that
others deem them
inappropriate relationship. The
engagement between the
couple announced in nineteen
ninety, when Celine was twentythree.


Celine Dion and her husband
Rene Andzhelil
roditelyami.Schastlivye become
parents long to come up with
the names of their newborn
sons. But finally Celine and Rene
decided on the names. The
couple gave the names of his
sons Nelson and Eddy - in honor
of the legendary Nelson
Mandela and songwriter Eddie
Marne. Rene and Celine have
another child - a son, Charles,
who for 9 years.

6. Сreative Heritages

Over the entire period of his life
Celine Dion released the
Francophone album of twelve, ten
English-speaking and three special
holiday release compositions. She
spent twelve large-scale concert
tour, has become one of the most
admired singers of all time. Celine
Dion sang a duet with popular
international stars like Luciano
Pavarotti, Barbra Streisand, Carole
King, Cher, Anastacia, Richard
Marx, Clive Griffin, Piabo Bryson,
Garou, Jean-Jacques Goldman,
Anne Murray, and many others.

7. Honors and Awards

On Saturday, the third day of
November, two thousand of the
seventh year in Monte Carlo
ceremony was held at which
Dion was awarded the so-called
"Legendary Award", the most
prestigious of all awards World
Music. Еarlier Dion has received
World Music Award. In the two
thousand year she became the
owner of "Diamond Award" as a
performer with the highest level
of sales of CDs of all time.

8. The top of the career

In nineteen ninety-sixth year of
Celine Dion, whose biography
was already interested in the
millions of her fans around the
world, lovers of his work gave
another album «Falling Into
You», which became the
pinnacle of her career.
Collection of the best-selling of
all time world of show business,
and Celine Dion - world stars.

9. Triumph

In February, in nineteen ninetyfive, Angela Renee goal was
achieved. Finally, the song
performed by Celine Dion began
to occupy the first position in
the most authoritative music
charts around the world. More
than seven weeks of their joint
creation in the first place, that
this hit parade rarity!


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