How to save the Earth.
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How to save the Earth

1. How to save the Earth.


I hope all these text and pictures will
teach you how to deal with the Earth.
We hope that you will understand
how people affect the planet.
Most often we hurt the planet on
which we live.
We pollute everything they can, and
almost do not notice it.
But it's time to think about what will
happen with the world and with us
through the years 10,20,30?
Our world can not survive without
enough oxygen, but we cut down the
forest, and not only we suffer
because of it, disappear different
kinds of animals and birds. Industrial
companies dumped tons of waste
into water, this water is not only
dangerous to drink, but also just to
swim in it.
Our supplies are limited.
We hope for your understanding.


Every year, per inhabitant of the Earth
accounts for more than 20 tons of waste.
The main objects of pollution are the
atmosphere, bodies of water, including the
oceans, soil. Daily into the atmosphere
thousands of tons of carbon monoxide,
oxides of nitrogen, sulfur and other harmful
substances. Only 10% of this amount is
absorbed by plants. sulfur oxide (sulfur
dioxide) - the main pollutants, which are a
source of thermal power plants, boilers,
metallurgical plants.


The concentration of sulfur
dioxide in nitrogen oxides,
produces acid rain, which destroy
crops, vegetation, adversely
affect the state of fish stocks.
Along with sulfur dioxide a
negative impact on the
atmosphere has a carbon dioxide
that is formed by combustion. His
sources - thermal power plants,
steel mills, transport


... The best gift that you can bring to humanity - is to improve yourself, to become
better people and improve the space around us will be a gift for others, do better
than those who will be there ....
Our idea - it is a living energy. The idea builds all. And we can by thinking regenerate
themselves and others. Therefore, we strive to always guide our thinking on the
good, the beautiful ...
Amazing human happiness - see the cosmos, explore, measure it - for a person
becoming a daily reality ... But if we never see the end of the Infinite, all the same it
will always guide us, to inspire, to expand our knowledge and consciousness, call for
Beauty. Plato said that the beautiful images we go to beautiful thoughts, thoughts of
the beautiful - to beautiful life, but from the good life - to the absolute beauty. "
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