kinds of sports
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Kinds of sports

1. kinds of sports

Prepared Sagitov Alex

2. football

a team sport in
which the aim is to
score the ball in the
opponent's legs or
other parts of the
body ( except hands
) more times than
the opposing team .
Currently, the most
popular and mass
sport in the world

3. basketball

In basketball played by two
teams , each consisting of
five field players ( all in
each team to 12 people , a
replacement is not limited
) . The goal of each team to throw the ball into the
hands of the ring with a
grid ( basket ) opponent
and prevent the other
team to take possession
of the ball and throw it in
the basket

4. golf

sports game in
which individual
participants or
teams compete ,
driving a small ball
into a hole punches
special sticks , trying
to get sufficient
space for a distance
of a minimum
number of strokes .

5. volleyball

sport , team sports
game , during which
two teams compete
in a special area ,
divided by the net ,
trying to send the
ball to the opponent
so that he landed on
the opponent's area
( finish to the floor )
, or to a defensive
player made a

6. badminton

a sport in which
players are located on
opposite sides of the
divided grid area and
throws the shuttle
over the net racket
strikes , trying to win
the game .
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