William Shakespeare (1564-1616)
William Shakespeare (1564-1616)
Departure for London
The emergence of a new playwright
Creative takeoff
The unexpected departure of Stratford
William Shakespeare completes ...
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William Shakespeare (1564-1616) (1564-1616)

1. William Shakespeare (1564-1616)



3. William Shakespeare (1564-1616)

William Shakespeare (1564-1616) - English playwright and poet; He was an
actor of the royal troupe. William was born in a family of merchant and honor
citizen of John Shakespeare. Ancestors Shakespeare for centuries engaged in arable
farming in the neighborhood of Stratford. 1568-69 - the years of greatest prosperity
of the family, followed by the slow ruin. Around 1580, William had to drop out of
school, which in Stratford was canceled, and start working. It is believed that by
leaving school, William Shakespeare for some time as an apprentice helping his

4. Departure for London

In November 1582, William married Anne Hathaway. Perhaps the marriage was
forced in May next year, their first child was born - the daughter of Susan. In February
1585 it came to light twins - a son and a daughter Judith Gamneta. In the second half of
the 1580s. Shakespeare leaves Stratford. Comes the so-called "lost" or "dark years", about
which nothing is known.
At the turn of the 1590s. William Shakespeare arrived in London. During these years
he has created his first piece - chronicle of "Henry VI». Having become quite a prominent
figure, Shakespeare immediately awarded a jealous outburst from one of the then
prevailing on stage dramatists of the "university minds" by Robert Greene called him
"Shaker scene" and a crow that "dresses up our pens." This was the first preserved review.

5. The emergence of a new playwright

In 1592-94 the London theaters closed because of plague. During the involuntary pause
Shakespeare creates several pieces: the chronicle of "Richard III», «Comedy of Errors" and "The
Taming of the Shrew", his first tragedy "Titus Andronicus" and produces the light for the first time
under the name of the poem "Venus and Adonis" and "Lucretia". In 1594 after the opening of
Shakespeare Theatre joins the new composition of the troupe of the Lord Chamberlain, the so-called
ex officio its patron Hansdona. Here's what he wrote one of his contemporaries F. Merez in 1597:
"Just as Plautus and Seneca were considered by the Romans for the best part of the comedy and
tragedy, as William Shakespeare, the English is naiprevoskhodneyshim in both types of pieces,
intended for the stage ..

6. Creative takeoff

In 1590-ies. Shakespeare creates all its main chronicles and most
comedies. In 1595-96 years wrote the tragedy "Romeo and Juliet", after
her - "The Merchant of Venice" - the first comedy, which later would be
called "serious".
In the fall of 1599 opened the theater "Globe". Above the entrance - the
winged words: "The whole world - theater". Shakespeare is one of its coowners, and the main actor of the troupe a playwright. In the year of the
opening of "Globes", he wrote Roman tragedy "Julius Caesar" and the
comedy "As You Like It," which develops melancholic characters open the
way to created a year later, "Hamlet."

7. The unexpected departure of Stratford

After 1606 begins the last period of Shakespeare's work, which ended in 1613
he left his native Stratford. At this time of tragedy are in the ancient stories.
They were followed later "romantic" plays, including "Winter's Tale" and "The
Tempest" (1610-12).
The reason for the sudden termination of a successful career as a playwright
and departure from the capital was likely the disease. In March 1616 William
Shakespeare is and sign the will, which subsequently causes so many
misunderstandings about his personality, authorship and will be an occasion for
what will be called "Shakespeare authorship question." It is believed that
Shakespeare died on the same day that he was born - 23 April.

8. comedy

Shakespeare was not satirical, and it
differed sharply from the subsequent
development of the genre. Her laughter
comes from the feeling of fullness of life, its
strength, beauty and variability. In
Shakespeare's comedy has a great theme Nature. She has her own favorite hero - the
clown, full of knowledge of life is not what
it seems, and it is.

9. Sonnets

The most likely time of the creation of sonnets - 15931600.
The most specific themed cycle in Shakespeare's collection
represent the first seventeen sonnets. They have one theme:
the desire to continue a fine young man in the offspring
themselves, forget how fleeting earthly life and earthly
beauty. It is a kind of introduction to the book that could be
written by the order and perhaps even before there was a
personal relationship to the poet's friend, full of admiration
and sincere love. Love poetry gives inspiration, but receives
from her forever.

10. William Shakespeare completes ...

William Shakespeare completes the process of creating a national culture and the
English language; his work sums up the whole tragic era of the European
Renaissance. In the perception of future generations develops a comprehensive image
of Shakespeare as a genius who at the origins of modern times it has created a gallery
of human types and situations. Shakespeare's plays to this day form the basis of world
theater repertoire. Most of them were repeatedly put on screen for cinema and TV
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