Judging by Appearances
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Judging by Appearances

1. Judging by Appearances

I. Nikitin 146-2


Judging people by
there appearances, we
were often told don`t
judge a book it`s
cover. Here comes the
same thing to people.
But why do we often
judge people by their


• Being judged by appearance can get ugly Whoever said
beauty is only skin deep was probably tired of being
judged not by the appearance of her skin or the shape of
her body underneath it. Unfortunately, the grading of
body curves is rarely done on a curve.


• It`s said that one should never
judge a person by external
appearance, but it`s very common
for people to do so. Someone will
say it`s human nature. It makes
sense somehow. Actually,
Appearance is the first thing
everyone use as a first
impression. People prefer
someone who is well dressed.


Most importantly it is
that which results from
judging, specifically
the judgment of others.
A few of the endless
posibilities: inequality,
conformity, pride,
succes, and
However, being
critical, it is opposed
to the positives.

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