Project 1st semester
My university
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My university

1. Project 1st semester

Evolve 4

2. My university

Work format: Video Documentary
NUST ‘MISIS’ participation in the international program 5/100
NUST MISiS is taking part in the 5-100 project, whose goal is
to maximize the competitive position of leading Russian
universities in the global research and educational market
among technical universities worldwide. You have been
selected to present NUST MISiS at an education conference.
Find evidence for and evaluate our university’s chances of
entering the final stage of the competition in a video

3. Organization

Stages: 1 Group formations and
2 Preliminary feedback session
3 Delivering presentations and
peer feedback
4 Writing self-evaluation blog.
Groups: 3-4 people
Product: 3-5-minute video documentary
Script: 250 words
Self-evaluation blog: 150 words


Assessment criteria:
Content (content is relevant to the task/target viewer is fully informed)
Product (format, visual attractiveness, neatness)
Language (Range of simple and some complex grammatical forms and
vocabulary, Accuracy, Organization of text – linking words and cohesive devices)
Presentation skills (clarity of speech)
Preparedness (staging, meeting deadlines, role distribution, paper work)
Maximum 5 points for each stage (5*4= 20 points)
• 0 - a team member/group is totally unprepared
• 1 - a team member/group is prepared and willing to participate in a
minimum way
• 2 - a team member/group is prepared, meet deadlines and willing to
participate in a minimum way
• 3 - a team member/group is proactive and manages to perform with
mixed success
• 4 - a team member/group is proactive, meet deadlines and manages to
perform with mixed success
• 5 – a team member/group is proactive, meet deadlines and performs
above average

5. Useful links: - three
simple methods that you can use to create a project video with
a smartphone or webcam, and a little help from a friend - ESL College Campus Vocabulary - How to Make a Documentary Video - 2019 Russian University Ranking and
League Table - Project 5-100 - Top 10 Best Universities in
the World
See also “phrases for presentation” document
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