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Secure business management consultant


Looking forward for building a Mutually
Rewarding Partnership
Secure business management consultant with 10 years of experience
Real Sector of the Economy, UAE


The Business Mart
Dedicated team of specialists that meant to help businesses in their way to
success and prosperity
Searching and Managing
Business Projects
Designing, Launching, Development
Buying and Selling
Our expertise covers
such essential fields as
We guarantee the quality of our services and achieving the settled
goals, so we might be helpful for any company that:
Business Management and
Needs a qualified advice (or full support) concerning its future
development prospects and related marketing strategies, branding or
financial audit
Wants to become more profitable or don’t want to leave even a chance to
its competitors on the market
Is experiencing the need in additional investments
Is looking for the investor or buyer, or vice versa – is searching for the
reliable company to invest in
Trying to find the buyer or is struggling in seeking promising company for


The Business
Achieves required
financial results
of the deals
Business goals are reached
We check our counterparties using the systems
by leading banking institutions and security SafetyFeeling of absolute calmness and confidence
We’ve organized our service in the most efficient
way, so that the search of the partners becomes
easy, fast and effective
ConvenienceSaving your precious time and efforts
We have more then 10 years of experience and
excellent understanding of business peculiarities
in the UAE
Reliability Best possible decisions for your business
All our actions are completely open, so all the
data, terms and conditions are absolutely clear
for our clients
by highly qualified specialists
Transparency Complete trust and mutual understanding
with the Business Mart


Real Sector in the
Investing in tangible assets of long-term usage guarantees reliable protection of
the investors’ financial interests
The profitability of business in the service sector or manufacturing is far higher
Comparatively low investment risks
Industry has clear business-model
Passes economical downturns and crisis easier and restores faster
Less depends on unstable political and hence economical situation in the world
Only business in the sector of real economy may guarantee you
stable and long-term income!
Our Team knows everything about business in the sector of
real economy of the UAE


For the Investors
Step 1.Contact us and tell about your needs and wishes
Step 2.Making an informed decision
We choose several attractive enterprises, provide snap analysis, adjust details, give utmost information
for you to make an informed decision
Step 3.Investment company analysis
We provide fundamental analysis of enterprise, startup, evaluate market prospects and financial indicator
of the object, prepare full report with detailed description of required investment, taking into account all
possible risks
Step 4.Strategic planning
We develop the business plan and corporate development plan based on company`s position in
competitive environment
Step 5.Signing the investment agreement and realization of investment
We develop detailed investment agreement, under due consideration of all interests of the parties
according to jurisdiction law and norms of international law.
Our company controls:
the implementation of agreement terms
transfer investments in time
investment distribution according to developed plan
clear distribution of income


For the Buyers
Step 1.Contact us and send your query
Step 2.Making an informed decision
We process your request, select several companies that meet your requirement the most and give you
the options. Usually, at this stage the company for purchase is chosen. If not, we look for other variants
that might be suitable for you
Step 3.Company analysis
We conduct: a financial audit
evaluation of the selected object by all key parameters
market research
The result: an expert opinion on the state of the object, its resources, capabilities, risks, and finances
Step 4.Successfully closed deal
We conduct: all stages of negotiations with the seller monitor compliance with the laws of the state
prepare documents
and international law, terms of issuance
ensure correct paperwork
To carry out the transaction we provide you with overqualified lawyer with extensive experience in the
conclusion of such agreements.


For the Sellers (Startups, Projects, Ready made
Step 1. Contact us and tell about your business, project or startup. Announce your goals
Step 2.
Step 3.
Business audit
Step 4.
Implementation. Implement the required actions on commercial value rising based on preliminary
Step 5.
Creation of the business plan
Step 6.
Selecting the investor. We find purposeful investors, using our comprehensive facilities. At the same
Step 7.
Successfully closed deal. The Business Mart provide a full legal support, represent your interests in
We evaluate desired investments and investor profiling, define possibility of the investment attraction from several coinvestors. Result: the most suitable, practical and profitable variant of cooperation
Our team provide the comprehensive audit of your business, defining services to improve material index and to rise
project investment attractiveness
estimation of company index, it`s market power
We develop the business plan, taking into account desired investments and all possible risks. In operation, we edit
document according to situation and parties requirements
time preparing project summary document for every investor profile to save time and to give investor all required
information in time
government facilities, there is no need for you to spend time on queue.


Business Center SORP (sorp-bc.ae)
Located in TECOM, Dubai, UAE. High class design and full support for companies
2. Over 100 new companies are established for our clients on the yearly basis
People trust us, and satisfied with our service
3. More then 60 holding companies were developed and now are assisting by our
specialists - big business requires serious approach and reliable company with a solid
4. More than 100 entrepreneurs have entrusted us with the sale of their business
We provide a set of services, which makes the sale - fast, secure and profitable
5. More than 100 investors have entrusted us with the search and management of
investments - we build long-term relationships, because it's convenient, safe and profitable
6. More than 50 business projects have been developed and launched by members of
our team - experience, expertise and accurate calculation - this is our basis


Prepare an action plan to improve profitability of the business
Develop an investment strategy and detailed market research
Advise on the choosing of ready business in the UAE and around the world
Check the legal purity of the transaction and conduct the legal support
Define the market value of the business and pre-sailing preparation
Assist in the successful negotiations with the sellers/buyers
Provide recommendations for profitable buying/selling of the company
Inform about all hidden problems and the ways of solving them
Clear business-processes
Low investment risks
Stable and high incomes
And, of course, the BEST
customer service you’ve ever


Be Smart, contact
Thank you for your time!
+971 4 559 4510
25 floor, Tameem House Building,
TECOM, Dubai, PO BOX 214950
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