The natural world is in danger!!!
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The natural world is in danger!!!

1. The natural world is in danger!!!


Every year people are becoming more and
more air pollution. This is because of
factories, cars and other activities. To
prevent this problem people should to put


• Greenhouse effect works like this:sunlight gives
us heat.Some of the heat warms
atmosphere,and some of the heat goes back
into space.Nowadays the air surrounding the
earth has become much warmer because the
heat can`t go back into space.



• Ozone holes are becoming from pollution of the
air.People burn things,factories throw chemicals into the has an influence on our envirnonment.because of
the ozone holes we have got an ultraviolet rays.the burn
our planet.ultraviolet radiation cac cause skin cancer.


• During the last 100 years people have produced a lot of
carbon dioxide.people and animals breathe in oxygen
and breathe out carbon dioxide.we produce carbon
dioxide when we burn things.trees produce
oxygen.human cut down big areas of means that
it is become more carbon dioxide.


• Every year people pollute water.there are no
river or sea which is`t used sa a dump.our water
is poisoned because factories pour waste into
rivers.water creatures can not live in such water
and they forced to leave thei habitat or die.



• people began to realize their
mistakes.They started to save our world
from pollution.I hope that we can do it
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