Drill and turnout
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Army cadet force


Army cadet force


The Army Cadet Force (ACF) is a national youth organisation sponsored by the
United Kingdom's Ministry of Defence and the British Army. Along with the
Sea Cadet Corps and the Air Training Corps, the ACF make up the Community
Cadet Forces. It is a separate organisation from the Combined Cadet Force
which provides similar training within principally independent schools.

3. Safeguarding

Like most organisations involving young people, all adult volunteers are
required to undergo a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check before
having unsupervised contact with cadets.They must also receive
safeguarding training when joining and must receive update training every
12 months. All ACF counties have a Training Safety Advisor (TSA) who is
responsible for reviewing the safety aspects of all training.

4. Drill and turnout

Cadets are taught a
subset of the drill
movements taught to the
regular army.They begin
by learning basic foot drill
and progress to learn rifle
drill and banner drill.
They are also taught how
to wear and service their
issued uniform.
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