The History of ITS
The Structure of the Institute of Transport Systems.
Staff of the Department
Graduates this chair study:
Work for graduates
Laboratory of Chair of Automobile transport
Formula Student
Avtozavod Higher School
The graduates of AHS
Famous graduates of Chair AT
Imitation modeling
Research of the transport movement and counting of passenger traffic
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Presentation of the Institute of Transport Systems


2. The History of ITS

Nizhny Novgorod
Polytechnic Institute
Automotive faculty
Autotractor faculty
Tank-automotive faculty
Groshev Anatolyi
Automobile faculty (AMF)
Automobile institute (AMI)
The Institute of transport systems

3. The Structure of the Institute of Transport Systems.

Chair of
headed by
Kuzmin N.A.
Chair of
headed by
Erofeeva L.N.
Chair of
and Tractors
Chair of
Construction and
road vehicles
headed by
Orlov L.N.
Director ITS is Groshev A.M.
headed by
Vahidov U.S.
Chair of Internal
headed by
Khimich V.L.

4. Staff of the Department

Kuzmin N.A.
Lavrov L.G.
Molev U.I.
Highly qualified staff for studying students
on the chair of the Automobile Transport
Petrov A.U.

5. Graduates this chair study:

Directions of learning
Graduates this chair study:
The first- and second-year students obtain
knowledge in the fundamental sciences of
mathematics, physics, chemistry and others.
At the third year students begin to concentrate
on their special subjects. For example : device of
a vehicle, technical operation, vehicle reliability,
logistics and others.
Tuitors prepare students in different directions :
tool control and safety, licensing and certification
of transport enterprises.
To watch over a car's "health" and "cure" its
ailments is the main goal of engineers of given

6. Work for graduates

Students of this chair have a large
selection of places of work.
Graduates can calculate reliability of the
automobiles of company GAZ Group.
Graduates of this chair can work with the
police. For example conduct examination
of crashes.
Many companies need logisticians, who
are graduates of our chair as well.
Graduates are aware of developing
different repair technologies, and control
technical state of automobiles.

7. Laboratory of Chair of Automobile transport

Modern and quality equipment
Various research works
Laboratory studies
Car service for driving school “Polytech”


Laboratory EvroTeh
In December 2012 a brand new training center called “EuroTeh” was opened in
the Automobile institute, which takes place in the training and retraining of
specialists in the automotive industry.
This center is designed for students and graduates of automotive training
schools, colleges and technicians. The lab center is equipped with modern
diagnostic and test facilities.
In the center students can take training courses in the following directions:
1) Diagnostics of automobiles with petrol engines
2) Diagnostics of automobiles with diesel engines
3) Electronic control systems of vehicles with petrol and diesel engines
4) Electronic systems of the modern cars
5) Air conditioning systems in the cabin of a vehicles
6) Robotized transmission “Sensodrive”.

9. Formula Student

The Students’ design office “Formula
student” of the Nizhni Novgorod State
Technical University was created in May
2009. The team was named as “AMIgo”,
because the main part of team consists of
the students of the Automobile institute
(ITS). The main idea of “AMIgoteam” is a
Formula SAE project.
team participated in an
international competition in Italy in
2013 and took 22 place.
team participated in an
international competition “Formula
Student of Russia” in Moscow in 2014
and took 5 place.

10. Avtozavod Higher School

AHSMandT is a branch of the
Automobile institute in the NSTU
named after R. E. Alekseev.
AHS was founded in 1995.
There is its own laboratory on each
floor of the AHSMandT.

11. The graduates of AHS

V.L. Sivkov,
the dean of AHS
N.A. Pugin,
the minister of
automotive industry
of the USSR
V.I. Soldatenkov,
the head of
the Avtosavodskiy district
V.D. Maksimenko,
the director of the
machine-building plant

12. Famous graduates of Chair AT

For fifty years of existence of the chair “Аutomobile transport" NSTU by
all forms of education more than 4500 have been trained.
The most famous of them are:
Alekseevich - Head of the
Presidential Administration of
Transport Russian Federation,
Nikolaevich - General
International Automobile
Carriers of Russia;
Leonidovich - president of
Chairman of the Transport
Committee of the Duma of
the Nizhny Novgorod;
Vitalievich - Minister of
State Property and Land
Resources of the Nizhny
Novgorod region;

13. Imitation modeling

One of the newest direction of studying in our institute that helps
us to find the best solution to an any transport problem on the
model with minimum expenses, using one of the software
program complexes, like PTV VISSIM VISSUM or AnyLogic.

14. Research of the transport movement and counting of passenger traffic

Types of research:
Transport inspection - counting of
vehicles and fixation of intensity at a
predetermined site.
Passenger research at bus stops inspection of a passenger traffic by a
"silhouette" method.
Passenger inspection in transport students passed all the route by public
transport and wrote down the number
of the passengers who entered and
left at stops.
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