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Higher education in Kazakhstan and Great Britain






Education in




Higher education in Britain has a long and
distinctive history. The system of higher
education in Britain includes universities,
colleges of higher education and advanced
courses in the further education. The British
educational system on the higher level is still
more selective and class-divided than
secondary education, particularly so far as the
oldest universities are concerned.
There are 91 universities and 47 colleges of
higher education today.


The two oldest universities in England are Oxford and
Cambridge. These date from the Middle Ages. Oxford is the
oldest of these two universities, it is more philosophical,
classical, theological. The history of Oxford began in 1168 that
of Cambridge – in 1209 Among the English universities Oxford
and Cambridge have a special eminence, and they are different
from the others.



All British Universities are private institutions.
Every university is independent, autonomous and
responsible only to its own governing council.
Although they all receive financial support from
the state, the Department of Education and
Science has no control over their regulations,
curriculum, examinations, appointment of staff, or
the way they spend money. The number and type
of faculties differ from university to university.
Each university decides each year how many
students it supposes to admit. The admission to
universities is by examination or selection


The general pattern of teaching is similar
throughout Britain-a combination of lectures,
small group seminars or tutorials with practical
classes where necessary. The students receive
grants. They have to pay fees and living costs but
every student may receive from the local authority
of the place where he lives a personal grant which
is enough to pay lodging and food – unless his
parents are rich. Most students take jobs in the
summer for about six weeks, but they do not
normally do outside work during the academic


Students who pass examinations at the
end of three or four years of study get
Bachelor’s degree. The first
postgraduate degree is normally that of
Master conferred for a thesis based on
at least one year’s fulltime work.
Universities are centers of research and
many postgraduates are engaged in
research for higher degree, usually


The British government does not think
to build more new universities. There is
a tendency to expand the older ones.
The basic purpose of the higher
education is to give a first-class
education and to enable their students to
reach a high standard of creativeness,
criticism and flexibility. They teach how
to increase and employ knowledge.



Higher education in
Kazakhstan is acquired on the
basis of secondary education.
For admission to university
graduates of schools and pass
final exams in the form of
uniform national testing (ENT)
or complex testing (for
graduates of previous years).


Universities of Republic of
- Total - 175 universities
- 119 - private
- Number of students - more than
- Number of students on 10 000 of
population - 512
- Number of university specialities
129 – bachelor
137 - master


University objectives in KZ:
- Ensuring active positioning of the university in the global
educational space and in the international labor market;
- Ensuring the integration of education, science and industry;
- Conducting scientific research aimed at the needs of the
cluster sectors of the economy;
- Creation of a transfer of knowledge, developments and
- Provision of a wide range of educational services, a wide
variety of educational programs;
- Providing a high standard of teaching fundamental and
applied disciplines;
- Implementation of an effective management system.
Kazakh national womens teacher training university


The best Universities of KZ
Al-Farabi Kazakh National University
Kazakh national womens teacher training university
Kazakh National Agrarian University
Satbayev Kazakh National Technical University
Kazakh national academy of arts named after t.K. Zhurgenov
Kazakh Ablai Khan University of International Relations and World
Almaty Technological University
Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University
Kazakh-British Technical University


- Kazakhstan's National University, the oldest public
university in Kazakhstan
- The Kazakh-American University, based in Almaty. This
university was the first in the country to provide higher
education based in the American educational model. All
courses are taught in English and there are degrees available
in technical subjects, the humanities, and economics. The
university also offers an MBA programme and year abroad
- The Eurasian National University in Astana, which offers
Bacherlors, Masters, and PhD degrees and that is known for
being a pioneer of academic mobility in Kazakhstan
- The University of Central Asia, an educational joint venture
between Kazakhstan,Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan.


Kazakh national womens
teacher training university
All conditions for study, work and rest
of students, postgraduates, staff and
teachers have been created in Kazmkpu.
The continuous process of training and
implementation of research and
innovation activities is carried out in 3
educational buildings, equipped with all
the necessary equipment and software.


Comfortable lecture halls, laboratories
equipped with control and measuring
equipment, computer classes with modern
software, diploma design offices meet the most
stringent requirements. Every September, a
special commission determines the readiness of
the university for the new academic year,
paying special attention to the sanitary and
hygienic and aesthetic condition of classrooms,
laboratories, office premises, halls and
recreation, to ensure the requirements of labor
protection and safety. During the year, all
existing premises are repaired, decorated,
equipped with the necessary furniture and


The university is connected by a local
network with Internet access, WI-FI
stations distribute high-speed Internet
throughout the university. In each of the
buildings, in which the scientific and
educational process is carried out, there
is a conference room or special rooms
for events that gather a large number of
participants, an assembly hall, etc. A
video surveillance system is installed
throughout the university. There are
special rooms for web-seminars and
online conferences.


The conditions created at the
university make it possible to train
highly qualified specialists in each
direction, conduct scientific
research at a high level, and get
satisfaction from the work
performed. Thanks to the
developed internal infrastructure,
the university has become the most
comfortable place for learning,
sports and creative development of
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