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Sights of Germany


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«Sights of Germany»
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Сазонова Светлана


The Brandenburg gate is the symbol and hallmark of Berlin. It is the most recognizable
landmark of Berlin, which began construction in the so-called Berlin classic style. They are located
in the heart of Germany's capital and join the legendary Linden Avenue, which connects with the
gate of the former Royal residence and is one of the tallest buildings in the Paris area, their height
is more than twenty-five meters.
The Brandenburg gate was erected by order of the German king Friedrich Wilhelm II in 1791. The
original idea was, they had become a symbol of peace, hence their second name — the Gateway
to the world.


As in West Germany, do not deny yourself the pleasure to visit the Cathedral of Saints
Peter and Mary in Cologne, a masterpiece of world architecture, which leaves no one
Characterized by a strict silhouette of the Cathedral has long been a symbol of the city. Wide
façade, towers, stretching to the clouds, reflections of the sun on the dark stone, magnificent
stained glass Windows — all this will long remain in the memory of the person once saw this
magnificent structure. In addition, breaking the 509 steps, you can climb one of its 157-metre high
towers and see the unforgettable panorama of the city and details the roof of the Cathedral


Lorelei — steeped in romantic legends of rock, the height of 120
meters, located on the Eastern Bank of the Rhine near the town of SaintGoarshausen . It`s interesting location at the narrowest point of the river contributed to the generation of various folk stories and legends


Undoubtedly, the Parliament of any country should look very presentable and solemn — it is the
Berlin Reichstag, which, moreover, has its without exaggeration the heroic story.
The construction of the building lasted for ten years, which was preceded by a ten-year approval
stage of the project. As a result, in 1894 the Republic square appeared elegant building in the spirit
of the new Renaissance, complemented by Baroque elements. He was named as the then legislature
of the newly formed German state Reichstag building. The main decoration of the Reichstag was
unusual for that time glass dome, the likes of which the world has never seen


The Berlin wall
- the state border of the German
Democratic Republic and West Berlin with a length of 155 km, and During
its existence several times reconstructed and improved.


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