English Idioms for Personality & Character


English Idioms for
Personality & Character
by Associate Professor Olga Konovalova


Social Butterfly
A social butterfly is an extroverted person who loves
socializing and meeting with people.
Ex.: I am an introvert, but my Mom is a social butterfly - she just loves
communicating with all people around!


Party Animal
A party animal is a person who enjoys going to
Ex.: Are you going out again? You are such a party animal!


Lone Wolf
A long wolf is a person who prefers their own
company and does not like socialising.
Ex.: Jack is a real lone wolf, he never goes out.


Couch Potato/Lazybones
A couch potato/lazybones is a lazy person who
spends a lot of time very passively (sitting down or
lying down), watching TV, playing video games, etc.
Ex.: Stop being such a couch potato/lazybones! Get some exercise or
go for a walk!


Armchair Critic
An armchair critic is a person who makes negative
comments about some situation and criticizes others,
but such people do not do anything to fix the problem.
Ex.: Stop being an armchair critic! Take some action to solve the


A go-getter is a person who is active, energetic, and
tries to work hard to achieve their goals.
Ex.: You can’t just wait for opportunities to be handed to you – you
need to be more of a go-getter.


Mover and Shaker
A mover and shaker is an active person who helps
their company, organization, or group make progress.
Ex.: Steve is the mover and shaker in our company. He always has
lots of great ideas to help move things forward.


Smart Cookie/Whiz Kid
A smart cookie is a person who is very clever and who makes
good decisions.
A whiz kid is a child or young adult who is exceptionally clever.
Ex.: Katie is such a smart cookie, she can make any project a success.
Ex.: James is a computer whiz kid. Hi developed software at 10 years old!


Smart alec
A smart alec is a person who is very clever, but often
demonstrates their cleverness in an arrogant or
sarcastic way.
Ex.: Peter is a smart alec, he really knows a lot, but he would never
listen to anyone as he thinks he knows things better than anyone else.


jack of all trades
A jack of all trades is a skillful person who can do a number of different
things, but sometimes this idiom can be used negatively, especially in its
fuller form: jack of all trades (and master of none).
Ex.: Sam is a jack of all trades - he can fix computers, write poems, solve Math problems and do sports. He is such a talented one.
Ex.: Molly can dance, sing, skate, run and play tennis, but there is really nothing she can do very well - she is a jack of all trades.


A daydreamer is a person who lives in the world of
dreams instead of focusing on the present and on the
goals they have to achieve.
Ex.: Stop being a daydreamer. You should face the real world and
start doing things to realize your dreams.


A down-to-earth person is someone who is practical and
close to reality, who accepts other people as equals.
Ex.: My boss is rich and famous in the business world, but at the same
time so down-to-earth. He is kind-hearted, friendly and is always there
for us when we need help.


Slave Driver
A slave driver is a person who makes other people
work really hard. They are often domineering and
extremely demanding.
Ex.: My boss is a slave driver. I have to work from morning till night and
he controls every action of mine.


Pain in the Neck
A pain in the neck is a very annoying, irritating
person who plays on your nerves.
Ex.: Sally is such a pain in the neck, she really gets on my nerves and
annoys me.


Moaning Minnie/Crybaby
A moaning Minnie/crybaby is a person who
complains a lot about insignificant things.
Ex.: Oh, stop being a Moaning Minnie/crybaby!
There is nothing to complain about. Just concentrate
on your homework.


A chatterbox is a person who talks a lot.
Ex.: My daughter is a chatterbox, that’s why the teacher complains
about her behaviour during classes.


Dark Horse
A dark horse is a person who has greater abilities
than he shows and very often this person’s
achievements come as a surprise to everyone
Ex.: Nobody expected Alice to win, but she got the first place - such a
dark horse!


Rolling Stone
A rolling stone is a person who moves from place to
place, from job to job, without staying anywhere for a
long time.
Ex.: Oliver used to be a rolling stone, but now he has a very stable life
with a steady job and a family.


A cheapskate/scrooge is a person who hates
spending money.
Ex.: She is such a cheapskate - she just keeps saving money without
spending literally anything!



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