«МОУ г.Горловки Школа №54»
Достопримечательности Лондона
The symbol and the flag.
Trafalgar Square
The Houses of Parliament
Big Ben
Tower Bridge
The Tower of London
Buckingham Palace
Fish and chips.
Oxford Street
The London Eye
The Queen Elizabeth II and her son.
London bus.
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Sights of London

1. «МОУ г.Горловки Школа №54»

Sights of London
Ученица 9-Б класса
Гризодуб Анастасия

2. Достопримечательности Лондона

3. The symbol and the flag.

The United Kingdom of
Great Britain and Northern
Ireland uses as its national
flag known as the Union
Flag or Union Jack.
The symbol of England is
red rose.

4. Trafalgar Square

It is the central square of
London and traditional
place for people to meet.

5. The Houses of Parliament

It is a place where the
British Government sits.
It consists of three parts:
the Royal Apartments,
the House of Lords and
the House of Commons.

6. Big Ben

It’s a clock in the tower
and it is a big bell.
You can hear it every
It weighs 13.5 tons.

7. Tower Bridge

It is the oldest and
famous bridge across
the Thames.
It was made of wood by
the Romans, but it was
often burnt down.
Later it was made of

8. The Tower of London

It has a long history. In the
past it was a fortress, a
prison, a castle and a zoo.
It was built to protect the
city from the enemies.
There are a lot of ravens at
this place.
Nowadays this building is a
very popular museum.

9. Buckingham Palace

It’s the London home of
the Queen.
Buckingham Palace was
built between 1702 and
The palace is open to

10. Fish and chips.

Блюдо, состоящее из
рыбы, обжаренной во
фритюре, и нарезанного
ломтиками картофеля

11. Oxford Street

It is the biggest shopping
street in London.
There are 548 shops in
Oxford Street.

12. The London Eye

It’s the biggest
observation wheel in the
It is situated on the
banks of the River
Thames in Central
It’s height is 135 meters.

13. The Queen Elizabeth II and her son.

правит с 1952 года по
настоящее время.
Чарльз, принц Уэльский
Charles, Prince of Wales

14. Oxford.

Oxford is a very old
and very famous
town. It is not far
From London.

15. London bus.

And the last symbol in our
list is the London bus which
is known all over the world.


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