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Food. Strawberries, raspberries and red-currents with real cream are really very refreshing



Strawberries, raspberries and red-currents with real cream
are really very refreshing


Rinse the ripe red radishes


What food do you like?
Do you like (food)
I like...
I am not a big fan of...


Simple English words to describe food – video


Today we will talk about food and words to describe food.
Well, let's start!
My favourite word to describe food is the word “sweet”. For example,
chocolate, if you can see... there we go! Cocolate, or chocolate chips
are very sweet. I like chocolate.
Another flavour that I like is “spicy”. Let me show you.
This one is chilli powder. Chilli powder is very spicy. So if I take chilli
powder... It's very spicy! If you eat spicy food, you need water. Ah,
that's better.
Sometimes food has lots of salt. Look at this one, this is salt. If food
has lots of salt, it is salty, so... I don't like food with lots of salt.
Another word we can use for food and drink is “hot”. For example, tea.
If you look here, this one says tea. Tea is hot. So, here I have tea.
When I drink it.... It is very very hot.


Other foods and other drinks can be cold. For example, milk is cold.
Sometimes food can be crunchy. For example...
Food can also be sour. Here is an example. This is lemon juice. Lemon
juice is very sour. Let's taste it. I don't like sour food.


Would you like some bread?
I love sushi because I love rice.
Pasta is good for you, but don’t eat too much!
I always put salt on my chips, but not pepper.
My sister never eats meat or fish. She’s
Do you take sugar in tea or coffee?
I eat hamburgers, hot dogs and pizzas when I
have much time.
Fish and chips is popular in Britain, Australia and
New Zealand.
Complete the sentences.
…. is popular in Japan.
…. and ….. are very popular in Italy.
Chips are made from.....
Many British people eat ….
Hamburgers are made from ….
A …. is a sausage inside a piece of bread.


Rearrange the letters to find words.
Use the definitions to help you.
eat this in the middle of the day.)
2 foecef_____________________
(This is a hot brown drink many
people like.)
3 lepaps_____________________
(These are red and green and grow
on trees.)
yellow and we can put it on bread.)
5 getabevels_________________
(These are usually green, sometimes
red or other colours.)
is sweet and brown and many people
like it very much.)


Match the sentence halves.
1 Many English people
2 My sister doesn't eat
3 Would you like a
4 I had some soup
5 What are you having
6 It's good to drink
a for dinner this evening?
b cup of coffee?
c plenty of water in this hot
d like fish and chips,
e meat or fish,
f and a piece of bread.


Talking about food and drink
The following words for types of food are usually countable, and
you need to use a or an in front
of them. If you put some or any in front of them, you need to make
them plural.
apple banana egg
I took an apple to eat after school.
I bought some bananas.
Are there any eggs in the fridge?


Talking about food and drink
The following words for types of food and drink are usually
uncountable. You cannot put a or an
in front of them. You often put some or any in front of them.
bread butter cheese chocolate coffee meat milk fish fruit rice
Would you like some bread?
I usually have coffee with my breakfast.
We haven't got any milk.
Do you like chocolate?
You can talk about a piece of bread/chocolate/meat, etc., a cup of
coffee or a glass/bottle of milk


Talking about food and drink
The following words for types of food are usually plural.
chips vegetables
I had meat and vegetables for dinner.
Do you like chips
Good to know!
Cake can be countable or uncountable.
I bought some cakes for us.
Donna made me a birthday cake.
I ate a lot of cake this afternoon.
Would you like a piece of cake



Choose the correct word or words.
1 I would like a cheese / some cheese with my bread.
2 I usually have meat / a meat for dinner.
3 My friend made me cake / a cake for my birthday.
4 I will take banana / a banana to eat later.
5 We are having fish / a fish for lunch.
6 I like to eat a fruit / fruit every day.



What's in my fridge? – video
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