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High school


High school


Children enter
secondary/high school (years
6-8) at the age of 11-12. At
this level, each subject is
taught by a separate teacher.
There are short breaks of 510 minutes between lessons,
which are called periods here.
During this time students
have to reach the next class.
There is a 1-2 hour lunch
break in the middle of the
day. The school week is 5
days long and there are two
holidays a year, one in winter
and one in summer.


school subjects
In secondary school, each
subject has its own teacher
and pupils have a certain
amount of freedom in
choosing subjects.
The compulsory subjects
remain maths, English,
science (physics, chemistry,
biology, geology, astronomy science), history, physical
education and creativity.
Students choose 1 or 2
subjects of their choice. Most
often it is computer
technology, cooking, a foreign
language or art.


Events are held during the
pre-holiday weeks and often
on the occasion of sports
victories. There are regular
book fairs, holidays like
Halloween and Christmas,
science fairs, reading
meetings, Spelling Bee,
talent shows etc.
A lot of attention is paid to
charity events.For example,
there is a collection of
second-hand books and used
warm clothes for those in


Physical education classes
are already progressing to
the level of sports teams, and
students are starting to take
up football, basketball,
swimming, gymnastics
seriously (schools only
exclude any kind of
wrestling). All this is done so
that the best of the best
players can be selected when
they join a sports team in
high school.


Pupils also enjoy simply
spending time with their
friends as they are very
sociable. One popular way to
spend time is to get together
at someone's house and play
board games. Twice as many
people are invited to these
meetings as are actually
coming, because the children
take part in different
activities in their free time
and spend time with their
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