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What is a Gerund?
Look like a verb but is actually a noun.
I love jogging in the morning
Base form + -ing
I absolutely love singing. But performing in public makes me really
nervous. Standing on a stage in front of a crowd is terrifying


When and how do we use Gerunds?
as the SUBJECT
as the OBJECT
with fixed EXPRESSIONS
after another verb


When and how do we use Gerunds?
- as the SUBJECT
Eating fruits and vegetables is important for a healthy diet.
Studying gerunds doesn’t have to be frustrating!
What else is important to your health?
What can be frustrating?


When and how do we use Gerunds?
- as the OBJECT
Common words that take gerunds as an object:
Love, like, enjoy, prefer, dislike, hate
I really like cooking but my mom is a much better cook than me
When I’m not working I enjoy spending time with my family
What do you dislike doing? What do you prefer doing?


When and how do we use Gerunds?
She walked out of the room without saying a word
There is no point in taking your jacket it is really hot outside.
I’m fed up with asking you to be quiet!


When and how do we use Gerunds?
- with fixed EXPRESSIONS
I can’t help being a perfectionist!
I can’t stand working with people who always show up late
It’s no use leaving a message she never calls back anyway!
It’s not worth spending so much money.


When and how do we use Gerunds?
- after another verb
Stop buying bread from the supermarket!
I will never forget watching a horror movie for the first time
He regretted yelling at her as soon as she walked away.
- Infinitive+verb
Stop to buy bread from the supermarket
Don’t forget to watch the news tonight!
I regret to say that I wasn’t impressed by the performance
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