Russian rivers
Volga River
Dnieper River
Oka River
Don River
Yenisei River
Lena River 
Irtysh River
Ob River
Angara River

Russian rivers

1. Russian rivers

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2. Russia

•Russia is one of the largest countries in the world. The vast territory of
Russia lies in the eastern part of Europe and the northern part of Asia.
Russia is washed by twelve seas and three oceans.
•There are a lot of great rivers and deep lakes on its territory.
•The longest rivers are the Volga in Europe and the Ob, the Yenisei and the
Lena in Asia. The largest lakes are Ladoga and Baikal. Baikal is the
deepest lake in the world and its water is the purest on earth.

3. Volga River

The Volga is the longest river in Europe; It flows through central
Russia and into the Caspian Sea, and is widely viewed as the
national river of Russia.

4. Dnieper River

One of the longest rivers in Europe, it rises west of Moscow and flows
south through Belarus and Ukraine, emptying into the Black Sea after
a course of 1,420 mi (2,285 km).

5. Oka River

Oka is a river in central Russia, the largest left tributary of the Volga. It
flows through the regions of Oryol, Tula, Kaluga, Moscow, Ryazan,
Vladimir, and Nizhny Novgorod. Its length exceeds 1,500 kilometres
(930 mi).
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