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Lesson planning. What should the teacher know and what be aware of?


What should the teacher know and what be
aware of?


Lesson planning is an important part of
teaching; it can be even considered the most
important part because it defines
effectiveness and the amount of information
you can give your students.
However planning your lesson isn’t easy. It
takes a lot of time and effort. You need
practice and be aware of three main


The first principle will be SMART. This is special
acronym that stands for:
Specific – your goal needs to be specific and
narrow for effective planning
Measurable – you need to be sure you can
measure your progress
Achievable – your goal needs to be sufficiently
Realistic – your goal should be compatible with
your personal values
Timed – Specific time period needs to be set, so
you have enough time to accomplish your goal


This principle allows you to control your
students success in class and give them
interesting and achievable goals, not too
complicated, not too easy.
So, while planning you need to think about
the answers to the following questions;
What do students already know?
What do they need to know?
How well do they work together?
How well did they learn the previous lesson?
What is their motivation?


The second principle will be
It is very important requirement of lesson
planning it makes your student interested
and engaged in your subject.
Multiple ways of teaching, like various
interactions with your students, questions,
jokes and even games
If this requirement is lacking from your plan.
You are risking to lose the interest and
motivation of your students in your subject.


The third and final principle will be flexibility.
After completing previous requirements you will
need to have control over your lesson, taken time
and what students would learn.
Some exercises or tasks can take lots of time,
that didn’t fit in your plan.
So if you will be teaching students solely by your
plan it will have negative effects on your
Flexibility of your plan allows you to quickly
rearrange certain tasks if they went unexpectedly
long or short.


You have had already learned the main principles
of creating your own planning of the lesson.
Now, I want to consider some other aspects of
teaching and what teacher needs to know, not
only a beginning but even experienced one.
Firstly you need to know your school and what
rules and prohibitions are there.
Secondly you need to know your lesson and
arrange some planning. You’re an English
teacher, so you should consider it.


Thirdly you need to know your students, what
they learned and need to learn. You need a
foundation of materials built around your
students needs and personalities.
Fourthly your objectives have to follow the three
established principles, especially SMART which
the most important tool of learning for your
Fifthly the class should be involved you need to
make them talk and use language as much as
possible. You should engage and motivate them
to use language.


Sixthly you have to ask students to describe and
talk about their lives and interest, for example;
how they spent their summer holidays.
Seventhly you have to keep the attention of the
students all the time.
Eighthly show them the right way to write, read,
and talk on English, proper grammar is always
needed. Allow your students to practice
language, you can make them talk to each other,
engage in all kinds of conversations. You need to
increase language practice.


English teacher always needs to reinforce,
encourage and increase the desire of learning
the language. Giving your personal opinion,
advices and feedback is always important.
You always need to know yourself, what have
you done well, and what aspects of your plan
should be reworked.
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