Vocabulary work business people (ділові люди)
meeting of partners (зустріч партнерів)
Negotiations (переговори)
business papers (ділові папери)
flying a plane (політ літаком)
Лексичні вправи
Граматичні вправи
Мовленнєві вправи
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Business trip


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Цабенко Яна

2. Paris


Nowadays, every fourth of tens of millions of people
every day leaving your house to travel - near and far,
short-term and long - makes it in need of service.
Every year business, cultural and scientific relations
between regions and countries are becoming closer.
Business tourism plays an important role.


5. Vocabulary work business people (ділові люди)

6. meeting of partners (зустріч партнерів)

7. Negotiations (переговори)

8. business papers (ділові папери)

9. flying a plane (політ літаком)

10. Лексичні вправи

Зробіть переклад окремих фраз діалогу і з їх
допомогою складіть свій власний:
- Я хочу замовити квиток до Лондона.
- Я віддаю перевагу безпосадочному рейсу вдень.
- Коли прибуває літак з Москви?
- Коли я повинен бути в аеропорту?
- Ви добре долетіли? – Ні, дуже погано. Мене
- Коли наступний рейс до … ?
- Ваш рейс оголосять.

11. Граматичні вправи

Заповніть декларацію.
Fullname ___________________________________________________
Citizenship _________________________________________________
Arriving form _______________________________________________
Country of destination ________________________________________
Purpose of visit (business, tourism, private) ________________________
My luggage (including hand luggage) submitted for Customs inspection consists of ________________
With my luggage I have:
1. Weapons of all description and ammunition _________________
2. Narcotics and appliances for the use there of _________________
3. Antiques and objects of art (paintings, drawings, icons, sculptures)
4. Currency (bank notes, letters of credit, etc.), securities (shares, bonds, etc.) in foreign currencies, precious
metals, crude and processed natural precious stones (diamonds, brilliants, rubies,
5. emeralds, sapphires and pearls), jewelry and other articles made of precious stones and scrap thereof, as
well as property in papers: _____________________________________________________
6. Other currency, payment vouchers, valuables and any objects belonging to other persons
I’m aware that, in addition to the objects listed in the Customs Declaration, I must submit for inspection:
printed matter, manuscripts, films, sound recordings, postage stamps, graphics, plants, fruits, seeds, live
animals, birds, as well as raw foodstuffs of animal origin and slaughtered fowl.
I also declare that my luggage sent separately consists of ________ pieces.
(Date) ___________ 20 __ Owner of luggage ___________ (signed)

12. Мовленнєві вправи

Доповніть репліки до діалогу:
At the passport and health check
1). Could I have your passport, please? …………………………..
2). Where are you going? - ………………………………………...
3). How long are you going to stay? - ……………………………..
4). What’s the purpose of your trip? ……………………………..
5). And can I see your vaccination certificate? …………………..


Business trips contribute to the development of the
national economy, promote its integration into the
world economic market. Modern business is
impossible without an active exchange of information,
without mastering new technologies, without
qualification at all levels of business education,
participation in international congresses, seminars,
exhibitions, etc. All included in the sphere of business


Every year business, cultural and scientific relations
between regions and countries becoming more intense.
Business travel is playing a vital role. The development of
the national economy and its integration into the global
market, too, is inconceivable without the development of
business tourism.
According to experts, by 2020 the number of international
business trips will increase three times, from 564 million to
1.6 billion a year. The turnover of the sector will increase 5
times from 400 billion US dollars...
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