Castles of Scotland
Why does Scotland have so many castles?
Edinburgh Castle
Balmoral Castle
Glamis Castle
Fraser Castle
Dunrobin Castle
Kellie Castle
Eilean Donan
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Castles of Scotland

1. Castles of Scotland


Scotland is a very
country; threefourth of the area
of Scotland is
occupied by
mountains with a
great amount of
moorland, in
which few people
area [‘ɛərɪə] – площадь,
moorland [‘muələnd] –
вересковая пусташь


Scotland is famous
for her beautiful
large lakes with
mountains, round
them. Scotland is
the fine country
with a beautiful
landscapes and
ancient traditions.


The most
important sight of
Scotland is Castles.
Scotland has many
beautiful castles.
The first castles
were built in
Scotland in the
11th and 12th
sight [saɪt] достопримечательност

5. Why does Scotland have so many castles?

It's because this nation had
a many battles with
numerous invasions (the
Normans, Vikings and
Romans), and (until the
18th Century) an ongoing,
almost continual, conflict
between Scotland and the
rest of Britain. The fact that
so many castles are still
standing is testament and
the skill of the ancient
Scottish people who built
invasion [ɪn’veɪʒən] –
testament [‘testəmənt] –
завещание, завет
skill [skɪl] – умение,


Scottish castles are
closely tied to the
Clans of Scotland
and the Scottish
monarchy. Each
clan would have a
castle within their
territory, where
the Clan Chief and
his family would
tied [taɪ] – связаны

7. Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is a
fortress which dominates
the skyline of the city of
Edinburgh. There has
been a royal castle here
since at least the reign
of David I in the 12th
century. It’s importance
as a historic monument
was recognized from the
19th century, and
various restoration
programmes have been
carried out since.
fortress [‘fɔ:trɪs] – крепость
skyline [‘skaɪlaɪn] – горизонт
royal [‘rɔɪəl] – королевский
recognize [‘rekəɡnaɪz] – признавать

8. Balmoral Castle

Balmoral Castle has
been one of the
residences of the British
Royal Family since
1852, when it was
purchased by Queen
Victoria and her
consort, Prince Albert.
Soon after the estate
was purchased the
existing house was
found to be too small.
It was demolished, and
the current Balmoral
Castle was completed in
purchase -[ˈpə:tʃəs] – покупать
estate [ɪsˈteɪt] – недвижимость
exist [ɪɡˈzɪst] – существующий

9. Glamis Castle

Glamis Castle is
situated beside the
village of Glamis in
Angus, Scotland. It is
the home of the Earl
and Countess of
Strathmore and is open
to the public.
Glamis Castle has been
the home of the Lyon
family since the 14th
century, though the
present building dates
largely from the 17th
Countess [ˈkauntɪs] – Графиня

10. Fraser Castle

Castle Fraser is
known as one of the
grandest 'Castles of
Mar'', construction of
the elaborate, fivestorey castle was
begun in 1575 by the
6th Laird of Fraser,
Michael Fraser, on the
basis of an earlier
tower, and was
completed in 1636.
construction [kən’strʌkʃən] - строительство
elaborate [ɪ'læb(ə)rɪt] - разработанный

11. Dunrobin Castle

Dunrobin Castle is a
stately home in
Sutherland, in the
Highland area of
Scotland. It is the seat
of the Countess of
Sutherland and the
Clan Sutherland.
Dunrobin's origins lie
in the Middle Ages,
but most of the
present building is the
work of Sir Charles
Barry,who greatly
extended the building
in 1845.
extend [ɪksˈtend] – расширять
stately [ˈsteɪtlɪ] – величественный

12. Kellie Castle

The earliest records of
Kellie go back to 1150
where it is mentioned
in a charter issued by
King David I. The main
castle contents were
given into the care of
the Trust by the
Secretary of State for
Scotland and, in 1998
the Trust purchased
the Lorimer family
artifacts. The castle
and gardens are open
to the public.
mention [ˈmenʃən] – упоминать
issue [ˈɪʃu:] – выпускать
сontent ['kɔntent] – содержание

13. Eilean Donan

The castle was
founded in the
13th century, but
was destroyed in
the 18th century.
The present
buildings are the
result of 20th
an Donan Castle is
the home of the
Clan Macrae.
destroy [dɪs’trɔɪ] – разрушать


So, although the castles of Scotland were
mostly built during the period between the
11th - 14th centuries, they've proved
themselves to be as strong and resilient
as their creators intended, and still stand
strong and proud..... bearing witness not
just to Scotlands' fascinating past, but to
the tenacity, bravery and love of tradition
that still lives in the heart of every Scot
during [ˈdjuərɪŋ] – в течение
resilient [rɪˈzɪlɪənt] – эластичный
bearing [ˈbɛərɪŋ] - является
witness [ˈwɪtnɪs] – свидетель
fascinating [ˈfæsɪneɪtɪŋ] – захватывающий
tenacity [tɪˈnæsɪtɪ] – упорство
bravery [ˈbreɪvərɪ] - храбрость

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