Theme: dental clinic Future Simple
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Dental clinic Future Simple

1. Theme: dental clinic Future Simple

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Theme: dental clinic
Future Simple


Dental clinics provide patients with preventive and standard dental care, including
emergency dental care. Services include teeth cleanings, teeth whitening, x-rays, root
canals, crowns, fillings and orthodontics. Multiple types of dental practices exist, each
of which caters to a different type of community, including the privately insured, the
publicly insured and the uninsured.


Private Practices
According to the American Dental
Association, nearly all dentists are in
private practice. Specifically, it is
estimated as many as three out of four
dentists are solo practitioners.
Private practitioners work as licensed,
self-employed dentists. Because of the
relatively small size of the organization,
patients usually get more personalized
care from private practitioners.
Because there is no administrative
structure, solo practitioners must oversee
administrative tasks for the practice,
including bookkeeping and procurement.


Hospital dental clinic. A hospital dental clinic operates as a division of a
hospital group. Its dentists work directly for the hospital. These dental clinics
usually are on hospital grounds or in annexed buildings near the hospital
For example, the Children's Hospital in Aurora, Colorado, operates the
Children's Hospital Dental Center. The center provides pediatric dentistry
services as well as a residency program for dentists in training.


Community health centers
Community health centers frequently
provide dental services in addition to
general health care services. These
types of clinics serve a particular
community or population and combine
the efforts of hospitals, the government
and the health care industry to provide
its community members with adequate
health care services. Often, such health
centers receive federal funding to
subsidize care for the poor and
Group Practices
Unlike private practices in which one
dentist operates a clinic by himself, a
group practice is an association of
dental professionals. These
professionals work together, sharing
space and using the same equipment.
Although care might be less personal
than private practice, the presence of
more dentists allows the practice to
treat more patients and pool
resources to buy more equipment and
hire more staff.


Future Simple Tense - будущее простое время
Future Simple Tense
(будущее простое время) в
общем смысле обозначает
действие, которое совершится
в будущем.


Future Simple образуется при помощи вспомогательных
глаголов shall и will и формы инфинитива смыслового глагола
(без to). Shall употребляется с 1-м лицом единственного и
множественного числа, a will с остальными лицами:
I (we) shall play.
He (she, it, you, they) will play.


Вопросительная форма: shall(will) + подлежащее + глагол:
Shall I (we) play?
Will he (you, they) play?
Отрицательная форма: shall(will) + not + глагол:
I (we) shall not play.
He (you, they) will not play.


Образование Future simple
I will/shall play
We will/shall play
You will play
You will play
He / she / it will play
They will play
I will not play
We will not play
You will not play
You will not play
He / she / it will not play
They will not play
Will I play?
Will we play?
Will you play?
Will you play?
Will he / she / it play?
Will they play?


1. Для выражения обычных действий в будущем:
Don't worry I'll write regularly. Не волнуйся, я буду регулярно писать.
2. Для выражения последовательных действий в будущем:
He will ring you up and tell you everything. Он позвонит тебе и обо всем расскажет.3. Для
выражения простых фактов в будущем:
It will be cold in the evening. Вечером будет холодно.
4. Для выражения решения совершения будущего действия, принятого в момент речи:
- Did you tell him?
- No, I forgot, but I'll tell him tomorrow.
- Ты сказал ему?
- Нет, забыл, но скажу завтра (решение сказать завтра принято непосредственно в ходе
5. Для выражения обещания или предложения:
I'll post letters for you. Я пошлю ваши письма.
6. Для выражения предсказания. Предложение может начинаться с I think... Я думаю...,
I hope... Я надеюсь...:
I hope you'll be fine tomorrow. Надеюсь, завтра вы будете чувствовать себя хорошо.


Утвердительная форма
Отрицательная форма
I shall play
He (she, it) will play
We shall play
You will play
They will play
I shall not play
He (she, it) will not play
We shall not play
You will not play
They will not play
Вопросительная форма
Вопросительно-отрицательная форма
Shall I play?
Will he (she, it) play?
Shall we play?
Will you play?
Will they play?
Shall I not play?
Will he (she, it) not play?
Shall we not play?
Will you not play?
Will they not play?
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