Day Trade Warrior
Trade Course Curriculum
Trade Course Curriculum
Trade Course Curriculum
Education for a Life Time Day Trading Strategies for Financial Independence
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Day Trade Warrior

1. Day Trade Warrior

Trading Course
Table of Contents
Course Book 251 Pages

2. Trade Course Curriculum

Chapter 1. How to Execute Trades, Brokers, Margin, Leverage, Charting
Software, Breaking News Services, Time Frames, Technical Indicators that give
you an edge
Chapter 2. Risk Management, the Psychology of Trading, profit loss ratios, target
levels of % success. When to take your losses. Learning to be okay with being
Chapter 3. The Right Stocks to Trade – How to combat High Frequency Trading,
institutional traders, and market maker manipulation. Why we focus on high
volume stocks, how to trade breaking news, how to interpret the price action of
major indexes. How to identify stocks with high profit potential. Understanding
Stock Float and Relative Volume.
Chapter 4. Setting up your Charts– Support and Resistance – Basic introduction
to Daily Chart Patterns, importance of Clean Daily Charts, finding areas of no
support/resistance. Importance of Gappers. - Setting up your Charts, My
preferred technical indicators.
Chapter 5 and 6. My favorite Intraday Chart Patterns & Strategies that I trade
every day to make a living – Including the Gap and Go! Strategy, Momentum
Strategy, and Reversal Strategy.

3. Trade Course Curriculum

Chapter 7. How to Scan for Chart Patterns – Sharing my Proprietary Scanner
Settings for finding Gappers, Earnings, and Stocks In Play. Review of how to
setup your own scanners
Chapter 8. Trade Management & Your Psychological Game – How to use
Trailing Stops on the 5min chart to increase your winners, why I scale out of all
my trades to protect profits. Entry Indicators, Exit Indicators, Reading Volume,
When to take profits
Chapter 9. Advanced Level2, Time and Sales, Tape Reading Techniques, and
Hot Key Settings
Chapter 10. Business Plan and Trading Plan for the Next 3 months, Increase your
per trade risk from $50/trade to $200/trade over 3 month. Get yourself on track
for 75k/year trading profits. Also, learn how to run a business as a Day Trader
Chapter 11. Advanced Technical Indicators - Learning how to spot indicators of
a potential reversal – Getting in and our BEFORE the crowd
Chapter 12. Options Trading – Learn the basics of options trading how I use
options for swing trading. This simple strategy provides excellent risk reward
ratios with minimal market exposure.

4. Trade Course Curriculum

Course: 20 classes are dedicated to intensive
trade review of our students trades, and my trades, from
each day. Understand why I buy where I buy, and why I
sell where I sell.
addition to reviewing the nitty gritty details of all of my
trades for 20 days, we will also review YOUR trades that
you want to share with us. My goal is to review your
trades and help guide you in the direction to becoming
a successful trader. This is an opportunity to perfect your
skills and get one-on-one mentoring time with a
professional day trader.
my set of Proprietary Scanner including my 20scanner package priced in our Scanner Store at $997.00

5. Education for a Life Time Day Trading Strategies for Financial Independence

our Classes anytime in the Future
are expanding our curriculum for future classes
Live classes are Recorded for future viewing
students get my personal email and Skype contact info
80% of our students are trading profitably
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