Olympic games 2012 kayaking and Canoeing
The content:
1. The venue of the Olympic games.
2.The symbols of the Olympic games.
3.Olympic rowing channel.
4.The results of the Russian sportsmen in kayaking and canoeing.
5. RIO 2016.
6.The film.
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Olympic games 2012. Kayaking and canoeing

1. Olympic games 2012 kayaking and Canoeing

Performed: Zhigalina Alena, 51106 group

2. The content:

1)The venue of the Olympic games.
2)The symbols of the Olympic games.
3)Olympic rowing channel.
4)The results of the Russian sportsmen
in kayaking and canoeing.
5)Rio 2016.
6)The film.

3. 1. The venue of the Olympic games.

Summer Olympics 2012 — thirtieth Olympic games, held in
London, capital of Britain, from 27 July to 12 August 2012.
London became the first city that has hosted the games for the
third time (previously they were held there in 1908 and 1948).
The choice of the city Accepting applications candidate cities
was completed on 15 July 2003. At this point, the desire to host
the Games expressed 9 cities: Havana, Istanbul, Leipzig,
London, Madrid, Moscow, new York, Paris and Rio de Janeiro.
18 may 2004 the international Olympic Committee after
evaluation of all submitted applications chose 5 cities, which
had to make a choice on 117th IOC session in July 2005 in
Singapore, this is Madrid, Moscow, new York, Paris and
London. The candidacy of London was selected on 6 July 2005.
The only head of government who personally submitted the
application of his country, became Singapore's then Prime
Minister Tony Blair. The next day after the announcement of
the capital Games in London, a terrorist act occurred.


5. 2.The symbols of the Olympic games.

The image consists of four parts in the form of
wrong polygons which symbolise figures of year
of the Olympics— "2", "0", "1", "2". In one part of
which includes the word "London" in the other,
and the image of the Olympic rings. The logo is
available in four colors: blue, green, orange and
yellow. The logo was developed about years of
the company Wolff Olins and cost 400 thousand
pounds sterling. In early March 2012, the Iranian
authorities have announced their intention to
boycott the 2012 Olympics because the logo of
the 2012 Olympics is stylized as the word Zion is
Zion. The head of the Iranian Olympic
Committee, Bahram Afsharzadeh called the logo
"racist". Also published statements that the
Olympic logo looked like a swastika.


Wenlock and Mandeville Games mascots were announced may
19, 2010. They were, according to the authors, two drops of steel
from Bolton named Wenlock and Mandeville. They are named
after the town of MAh-Wenlock, in which were the first
competitions like the Olympic games, and the hospital campus
Stoke Mandeville, where were held the first on UK competitions
like the Paralympic games. Both mascots in one eye, and they
were drawn logos Games (at Wenlock — the Olympic logo, on
Mandeville — Paralympics).

7. 3.Olympic rowing channel.

In 2008 a contract was signed for the construction of
facilities, as it has appeared to build a decent base rowing to
the Olympic Games in London 2012.
Eton Rowing Centre at the College, on the Lake Dornei, near
Windsor, Berkshire, will host the Olympic team rowers.
Today it is known that the distance will be 2,200 meters, the
lake will be eight lanes, and each will be out on track and
training zone. In London promise to create exactly rowing
the waters of the very rich, the English say that no one was
building, but at the time of construction of the facilities,
there were complications, the fact that in order to implement
big ideas into reality, the British had to increase the lake is in
length, so in order to make starting and warm-up area, it
took a lot of sand and heavy soil, as the lake should be 8
spans. Just after the embankment, we had to increase the
warm-up area for athletes. Lake Dornei Olympic games 2012
will be held rowing and Canoeing, rowing, triathlon.


9. 4.The results of the Russian sportsmen in kayaking and canoeing.

At the Olympic games in London the Russian
rowers won one gold and two bronze medals.
The winners in rowing on a kayak-deuce at 200 m
were Yuri Postrigay and Alexander Dyachenko.


Bronze was won by canoeist Ivan Shtyl (200 m),
and also Alexey Korovikov and Ilya Pervukhin
(canoe-deuce at 1000 m).

11. 5. RIO 2016.

Rio de Janeiro 2016
XXXI Summer Olympic games will be held from 5 to
21 August 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This will be
the first Olympic games to be held in South America.
The choice of the city
The application process was launched on 16 may 2007
and ended on 13 September of the same year. Their
bids to host the Games gave Baku (Azerbaijan), Doha
(Qatar), Madrid (Spain), Prague (Czech Republic), Rio
de Janeiro (Brazil), Tokyo (Japan) and Chicago (USA).
June 4, 2008 from among these cities were selected
four finalists: Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo and


Rowing the channel in which the best rowers of
the planet will compete for 14 sets of Olympic
medals, is located in the lagoon Rodrigo de
Freitas lagoon ( Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas) near
the world famous Brazilian beach of Copacabana.
With the Atlantic ocean Lagoon connected by a
canal passing through the city district of Ipanema.
The distance from Lagoon to the Olympic village
is about 28 miles, which, according to the
organizers, buses and cars will overcome in 34
The Russians managed to secure a part in eight
disciplines of rowing and Canoeing of 12.
Admitted the team size is 13 people. But the quest
for perfection, no, extra tournament will be able to
collect a full team of 18 rowers.
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