Summer Olympic Games in Rio in 2016
What is new in the upcoming Olympics
Symbols and mascots
Price of the celebretion

Summer Olympic Games in Rio in 2016

1. Summer Olympic Games in Rio in 2016

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Sports zone
What is new in the upcoming Olympics
New sports
Traffic jam
Symbols and mascots
Price of the celebretion

3. Background

Countdown 31st Olympic Games began in May 2007, when an
application to host this sporting event filed 8 participating cities such
as Chicago, Madrid and Tokyo. Among them was, and Rio de
Janeiro. As fate would have in such a way that in the difficult
struggle with Madrid the right to host the Olympic Games won the
Brazilian city.Thus, the next summer Olympics in 2016 for the first time
in its history, will be held in South America. Hence, the victory of the
Brazilian proposal was a triumph, and the whole continent!


It is decided that the
competition will start on August
5 and will end on the 21st.
August 5 at the famous
Maracana football stadium will
open the XXXI Summer Olympic
Games, it is planned that in the
competitions in various sports
will feature more than 12,000
athletes from 205 countries.


Two weeks should hold contests on dozens of sports that will
take place both indoors and on the beaches, stadiums, and
even on the high seas. Almost all the competitions will be held
in the city of Rio de Janeiro, which is divided into 4 zones sport.

6. Maracana

In addition to the stadium, which will
be held the opening ceremony and
closing ceremonies, as well as the
soccer finals of the area includes
the Sambadrome on Sapucaí,
Ginásio do Maracanãzinho and
João Havelange Olympic Stadium.
The first two facilities will be
competitions in archery and
volleyball respectively, while the
second - a rugby-7 and athletics.

7. Barr

It is the most extensive area. It accounts
for just 15 sites, 13 of which are indoor
facilities. Particular attention will be
riveted to the Rio Olympic Arena. It will
be the main event in sports and
gymnastics. Another important object riocentro, divided into 6 pavilions. The
first room is designed for basketball, and
the last - weightlifting. The attention of
most TV studios will be aimed
specifically at Barry.

8. Deodoro

Horseback riding, fencing,
shooting, cycling, modern
pentathlon, and even rowing
and canoeing - that's what
awaits the audience all over the
world in seven sports complexes
of the area. Among all the
clusters allocated Deodoro
variety of sports facilities, where
the National Equestrian Center is
adjacent to the Olympic slalom
stadium for rowing. However, the
Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro
in 2016 and spread to other cities
in Brazil. The reason for that - long
soccer tournament, which is
impossible to carry out within the
boundaries of the city, albeit a
very large one. Therefore, the
qualifying rounds of football can
be seen at the local stadium of
cities such as Sao Paulo, Brasilia,
Salvador and Belo Horizonte.

9. Copacabana

One of the most famous and
beautiful beaches Copacabana - competition will
be held on such water sports:
swimming; rowing; sailing;

10. What is new in the upcoming Olympics

New sports added subjects such as beach soccer, golf, street
basketball and rugby-7. If the first two types of long-arises in the
Olympic disciplines, the last two will be an intriguing discovery for
viewers around the world.


60 thousand volunteers
Volunteer movement becomes each time more and more popular. Volunteers will not
only assist the organizers of the competition in sports facilities, but also help foreign guests
Rio de Janeiro find their way in the city. Their experience not be in vain, it is useful in
winter, when will the Youth Olympic Games in 2016 in the Norwegian city of Lillehammer.


Sustainability Know-how the
future of sport event - grand solar
power City Tower, capable, by
the assurance of developers,
provide energy not only the
Olympic venues, and urban
infrastructure. The station was
established in the form of a giant
silver plane, which crashes down
from the top of a man-made
waterfall. In addition, it is planned
that the medals will be cast from
precious metals melted parts of
electrical appliances.


•Unique movement to the place
of the Summer Olympic Games
2016 has not turned into one big
traffic jam, the organizers
promise to make a reality of a
special high-speed buses that
will ply between a large
infrastructure of Olympic
facilities. Unique vehicles, in
particular, the need to link
remote areas of the western
and northern areas of Rio de

14. Symbols and mascots

At this Olympics there will be
two mascot - Tom and Vinicius,
presented in the form of two
funny creatures: the yellow prosimian pulupopugay and
polutsvetok - poluderevo. They
embodied the image of the
entire Brazil, with its variety of
colors, the rich flora and


The symbol of the selected
figure depicting three
holding hands dancing men,
forming a kind of dance.
They are done in a yellow,
blue and green colors, which
symbolize the ocean, the
forest and the sun.

16. Price of the celebretion

Organizers promise to release tickets for democratic prices. Thus, the
official website of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games has announced
the cost of some tickets. The cheapest will cost no more than US $
17.4, which equals 40 local realities. These tickets are intended for
viewing qualifying match of team sports. Most also available tickets
for sports show in Maracanã will not exceed $ 87. Another thing - the
price of the opening ceremony. The most expensive tickets will cost at
least $ 2,000. The Brazilian currency is about 4.6 thousand. Summary of
surprise and set new standards of quality - a matter of honor any
Olympics. So it was in Beijing, and London, and, it is hoped, will be in
Rio de Janeiro. To prepare an unforgettable sports show, Brazil had a
few years, were remembered as the corruption scandals and
organizational victories. But you have got Hispanics to outdo the last
Summer Olympics - summer 2016 show!
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