James Joyce Museum
James Joyce Center
James Joyce Tower and Museum
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James Joyce Museum

1. James Joyce Museum

By Matveeva Victoria, 2 ML

2. James Joyce Center

a restored 18th-century Georgian
the house has been renovated
by James Joyce Society
Joyce never lived in the house, but
it connected with some
Ulysses`s characters

3. Exhibitions

an interpretation of a bedroom like Joyce would have lived and worked
furniture from Paul Leon's apartment in Paris, where Joyce wrote much
of `Finnegans Wake`


5. James Joyce Tower and Museum

a Martello tower in Sandycove, Dublin, where James Joyce spent six
nights (September 9–14) in 1904
was leased from the British War Office by Joyce's university friend Oliver
St. John Gogarty
contains a museum
dedicated to Joyce and
displays some of his
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