Bad habits
Games of chance
Lack of sleep
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1. Bad habits

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•Games of

3. Games of chance

Some people go to underground
clubs after work or school and
play for money. There is a big
problem of society; this is
unlawfully, so police must stop
this. You can win jackpot or lost
all money in casino. We have got
an interesting fact for you, listen:
Chance to die in your house is
more, than chance to win in
We strongly recommend you to
avoid these games, because more
people commit suicide after big

4. Drugs

Psychotropic substances are very dangerous. You can walk along a street and
somebody can drag you into the lane. After tasting the drug human wants
more, he will spend all his money, take debts and destroy his life. We know
some people, who use drugs, this is a sad spectacle.
Interesting fact: once in New York schools dialed pencils with slogan: “I’ll never
be addict!” After some time pencils were obliterated, and new slogan was: “Be

5. Lack of sleep

Dream is very important in our
life. Lack of sleep may take
problems with health. Symptoms:
black rounds in eyes, irritability
and distraction. Also can be
cardiopalmus and loss of appetite.
Human loses control of
environment. Sleepyhead has some
problems with stomach or gastritis.
Also all you see in dreams was in
your life; your brain makes the
mix from memories.
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