Lionel Andres Messi
Messi - origin
Messi as a child.
Messi in „FC Barcelona”
Olimpic Games in 2008 year.
Champions league.
„ Player of The Year 2009”
„The Golden Ball”
Winner of Primera Division 2008-2009.
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Lionel Andres Messi

1. Lionel Andres Messi

• My favourite
sportsmen is Leo
• He is Argentinian and
he’s playing football
in Europe now.

2. Messi - origin

• Messi was born
24.06.1987 in RosarioArgentina.
• He comes from Italy.

3. Messi as a child.

• Messi began his sport
career in „Newell’s
old boys”club.
• In this club, his career
was short, because
scouts of „Barca”took
him to „young

4. Messi in „FC Barcelona”

• His career in „Barca”
began in 2000 year.
• For this time he play
in „Barca” in almost
every match,and I
hope it remain so.

5. Messi-Argentinian

• Playing in Argentina
national team he began
in 2005 year.
• During 43 meetings
Messi shot 13 goals.

6. Olimpic Games in 2008 year.

• His olimpic career
began in Beijing .
• His first goal he shot
in match with Ivory
Coast .

7. Champions league.

• Messi together with
his friends from
„Barca” achieved
triumph in Champions
League 2008-2009.
• In final match Messi
scored one goal.

8. „ Player of The Year 2009”

• In 2009 Messi
achieved title of „The
Player of the Year”.
• This title is very
important for every
player, because it is
based of coaches votes

9. „The Golden Ball”

• In 2009 Leo Messi
has also received
„Golden Ball” award.
• „Golden Ball” is the
award given by FIFA
to the best player.

10. Winner of Primera Division 2008-2009.

• In the 2008-2009
season, Barca
achieved title of the
• Leo Messi was one of
the strongest points of
his team.
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